Come to Medellin

The city of flowers

The characterictis

Is a city really big with too many buildigs , beatiful for your architecture and women´s adittion is cold and hot in the after his climate is tropical,is modern and popular in transport technology,the city have a fest popular of the flowers and is the favorite for the tourist,medellin is a city located in the south west of colombia.


-The city have a fest popular of the flowers and is performed in the month July its duration is 7 days.

-The city has a paisa town it is 1 hours away from the city.excelent for tourist for his culture.

-The city has Botero sculptures painter in the park central located in the center city.

-The city has a library donated for the king´s of spain located in the neighborhood manrique.

-The city has subway and Metrocable for his transport.

The products

The Popular Day

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Mariana Pajon

this is the person who winning the gold medal in London 2012 to compete in the BMX.
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This is the person who winner Latin Grammy. to his discographic album.

Hotel Dann Carlton

This is a place where you can comfortable sleep ,you can also go for a walking, you can´t smoke in the zone recreational.

You have to book the hotel before entering.

You have to pay before entering.

You don´t have to bring food

You don´t have to pay parking

Guide To Reach The Park Lleras

-Head west on street 9A to Career 40

-Turn left on to Career 40

-Turn right on to Street 9

-Turn left on to The Poblado

The Question About The park Lleras

-How many are the restaurants?

There are some typical food restaurants

-How many are the comercial center?

There is only a mall

-How much people is there?

There are much people


Regular Lunch- $ 5 - Five Dollars

Special Lunch- $ 10 Ten Dollars

Typical foods- $ 2 Two Dollars