Walking Man

Vinyl cafe

Dave is starting to quit smoking, Dave is a young man in this story. Dave started smoking when he was 12 years old. Dave is in his 20's and asking Morley to marry him. Dave is in a band at this time.
Dave goes on this long walk craving smokes and starting to get crazy, he finds a dog on the road. Gives the dog a tuna sandwich and makes friends with the dog. Dave meets a girl named Jen and they make good friends
The characters in this story are Dave, Morley and Dave's band, a dog and Jen
Reaction: I liked this story because it's a adventurous story Dave is playing with his band at the time and Morley lives in Toronto. In this story Dave really wants to marry Morley and when Dave purposes to her she thinks about it and says "yes."
The message in this story is to do what you want to do and live life.