Are They Good or Bad?

In Language Arts we have been learning about Cellphones and if they're a good thing or a bad thing. Mrs. Merritt let us get in a group of people we would work with, and let us decide as a group weather we liked the idea of cellphones or not. Once we decided, we started an argumentative essay for the first time. While writing, we were given two texts, "The Cellphone: Positive Impacts On Our Society" and "Cellphones Can Be Ruining Your Life". We picked out facts and jotted them down in our essay. You want to know what I picked don't you?

I said that phones were helpful rather than hurtful. From the two texts I gathered some wonderful information. For example, phones have changed a lot since the 21st century, in fact, phones were voted the most precise and helpful devices ever invented since the 21st century. Also, phones allow you to make 911 calls quicker than ever! It also lets you communicate with family and friends when distance is an issue. It even helps people who suffer with vocal communication problems with a text-to-speech setting. As you can tell, phones have grown a lot, and I'm sure people can agree that phones and the best electronic ever invented!

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