By: Sierra Wiley


Cyber bullying is harsh words on any kind of media websites.

Stop cyber harassment today.

Help stop bullying, or cyber-bullying. IF you see someone getting picked on tell someone or stand up for that person. Be the bigger person. COME AND HELP US STOP CYBER-BULLYING.

Cyber-bullying kills

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Everywhere you go on the web, everything you sign up for, everything you post or say or do while on the internet. There could be bullying on everything. There is no place on the web that won't have bullying harsh comments or nasty things.
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Cyber-bullying can occur in text, private messages, or post. Also there are physical, verbal, cyber and social.


Facebook is the worst social media for cyber bullying...

Stop bullying today tell somone responsible, about the problem or what you see. HELP THAT PERSON NOW!!!!