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Triton Review and Preview 10.6.2017


Triton Parents:

I hope you had a great break and had time to connect with your kids. I also hope they are sharing good experiences at Eastlake Middle School. I am always here to listen to your concerns. I want to give you an update on several important items:

1. In conjunction with the Department of Traffic Engineering, we are going to explore some options to increase traffic flow. For the last week and the week before we went on break, I have been advertising that the loop will be closed. We put out an additional sign as well during that time. Please be patient. You will see more information posted below about traffic. The goal is to have parents drop off and continue in the same direction. Our library is open at 7:15 if you choose to drop off students earlier. We will also have all of our campus supervisors assisting. Please cooperate with directions and anticipate some wait time as we adjust. There will be signs as well that designate drop-off zones. Have your student ready with materials as you drop them off. If you would like to meet with district officials and the Traffic Engineer, we will be observing traffic on 10/7 at 7:30. We are also hoping to construct a lighted crosswalk at the corner of Duncan Gate Road and Stone Gate.

2. We have an important fundraiser and spirit event coming up called Walk for Change. Our goal is to collect loose change and donate this change to a charity, a school improvement idea and for professional development opportunities for our staff. Please be on the lookout for the envelopes being sent home. This event is strict voluntary. In addition, we will be conducting a canned food drive to help our local food bank. Let's make a positive change for our school and community. All students receive a spirit shirt, ice cream and free admittance to the ELH football game on 10/20.

3. I have contacted district officials and we are working on bringing more shaded structures to our school site as well as more cafeteria workers/carts.

4. From our last parent meeting, I have contacted the Safe School Ambassador program and we will start training for the new year. The group will help with anti-bullying ideas.

5. Last, but not least, ELM is entering into a contract with Eduabroad to create a sister school with groups in China, Japan and possibly, other countries. We hope you will consider being a host family. You will be compensated. More information to follow shortly! It's also a great fundraiser.

6. Dress Code Amendment. After much discussion with students and staff, we have modified the dress code for tank tops/sleeveless shirts. Students can wear these items if the top straps are at least 2 to 3 inches in thickness and the sides/back do not expose undergarments.

Thanks for being involved as parents. We appreciate your support. As always, let me know about your concerns or questions. our next Coffee with the Principal is Tuesday, October 17th at 9:00 AM in the library.

Traffic Flow Study

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Walk for Change

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Join the PTSO!

Our PTSO is an awesome community organization whose primary goal is to support school initiatives with human resources as well as fiscal support. They need our help however, please consider joining the PTSO for as little as $10! Your money goes directly back to the school. Please drop off your forms with the front desk. We need your help!
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DLI and Ballet Folklorico Presentation

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Final Thoughts

Our Kids and Teachers

I am so proud to be the principal of ELM because of the amazing students and staff. We have a number of ways in which we will recognize this students this year, please help me in recognizing our staff members. If you had a great experience with our teachers, custodians, campus supervisors or classified staff members, please tell me about it. I love sharing the good news.

Supporting Your Student

Something to Consider

I know as parents we are constantly on the go. I came across this website not too long ago and I wanted to share with you the importance of connecting with your child even as they try to ask for more freedom and independence. It's a website worth a peek. I know I struggle every day with being the parent that I want to be, so I always welcome new ideas. Perhaps we as a community can consider a series of workshops for parenting teens and we can share best ideas!

Parent Connections