Galaxy 26 Gazette

News from Miss Hensley's Class

April 8, 2016

News and Information

Wax Museum Costumes: Due no later than Thursday, April 14! If you are renting a costume, please email me that info so that I know a costume will be here. Also, if you are including weapons of any kind (toy guns, knives, bows/ arrows, swords, etc) as part of the costume, your child MAY NOT bring them on the bus. You must bring them to the school yourself. You can do that on the day of the wax museum, or drop them off at the office earlier that week.

Wax Museum Speeches- Keep practicing these at home!

Behavior Update- Thanks to your help, we've had fantastic behavior the last part of the week. I appreciate the emails and texts of support that I received after my Skyward message on Wednesday regarding behavior issues. I have great kids that come from great families and I didn't want them to start a pattern of bad choices. THANK YOU for your help!

Accelerated Reader: Last day to earn points for prizes is April 29.

Outdoor recess - As spring is approaching please continue to send warm coats with your child. Our morning recess is still cold, even though it warms up later in the day.


We began a new unit on cause and effect. We continue to practice fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension each day.

Reading Homework - Practice Wax Museum Speech!!!!!


  • writing and representing mixed numbers
  • creating and reading a bar graph with a scale of 2
  • identifying right angles
  • x2 facts

English and Writing

Wax Museum Boards are done and ready to display!

We reviewed expository writing and are working on writing directions for a task in paragraph form, rather than in a list like we did earlier in the year.

English: finding where capital letters are needed at the beginning of sentences, capitalizing proper nouns: names of people, places, holidays, brand names, using periods and question marks correctly,

Spelling Words





















Data Binders- Look for them Monday!

Homework Helps and Hints

One of the important things we’ve been working on here at school is accuracy in our work. Sometimes we get in the habit of thinking things are “easy” and not giving our best effort on a paper. This results in missing questions that we should have gotten correct. The concept of accuracy also includes following the directions completely (if it says circle the word and write it in the blank you need to do both). Students can practice accuracy at home on homework and in their chores. We often hear “practice makes perfect”, but it should be “PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect.”

Important Events


12 Spring Pictures (only those who pre-order- forms have been sent home)

15 No school- unless needed for make up day

21 Wax Museum

22 No school- unless needed for make up day

29 No school- unless needed for make up day

20 Midterms Posted in Skyward


4 2nd Grade Track Meet

18 Field Day (rain date - May 20)

26 Last Student Day/ End of 4th Quarter


1 Report cards mailed home