1.1 Classroom News!!!!

Fro Ms. Jordan Week 9-23-13


*All the kids have done an amazing job with MAP testing! MAP testing is officially finished for first grade. However, it keeps going until September 26th for the rest of the school. In the coming month the school will be sending home information on the scores your child received during MAP testing. I will also be making personalized MAP goals in my classroom and will notify you to let you know what your child's goal is.

*Next week is picture day. The school has not yet sent us information on what day we will be taking pictures. However, when they send me that information I will send an email to all of you making sure you know which day is picture day.

*Please send a healthy snack with your child every day.

*Homework packets are due on Friday. However, I have had some parents communicate to me that it is difficult for their child to finish it by Friday. Therefore, feel free to turn the homework packet in the FOLLOWING MONDAY if you feel your child needs more time. There is no late penalty for homework. At the end of the day, I just want your child getting the extra practice.

*Please make sure your child is practicing the popcorn words every night. This is one of the ways they will improve their reading. Make sure to keep the popcorn words at home. It is very important for the kids to keep the cards at home so they have a chance to practice. We have our own word wall that we use in the classroom to practice these words.

*Please make sure your child brings their library books back to school by Friday of each week or they WILL NOT be able to check out a new library book on Friday.

*Also, make sure students return the books they take home from our classroom library. Some of these books are my library books and I want to make sure they get to back to the right place.

*Next week is a FOUR day week. You child will not have school on Friday. Enjoy the long weekend!!

*We are finishing our Science Unit on People this week. Next week we will begin Social Studies!!

*LAST REMINDER! If your child is taking a different bus than usual or you are picking your child up, please contact the elementary office. I CANNOT send your child to a different location without a note from the office. THANK YOU!

News from the Administration:

Dear ISP Parents,

First off, I would like to thank you all for the time and effort that you place into your children’s education. This year, at the request of many of our families, and due to the demands of a growing school, we have decided to release an ISP directory. This will allow communication to be readily available for all of us to use.

The questionnaire is very short, and should not take more than 2 to 4 minutes. Please, only one set of answers per family. You can fill out the form in the following link:


Once again, thank you for your promptness. We ask that this be completed as soon as possible, no later than the 23rd of September (Monday). Should you not want to be included, please select “I do not want to be included in the school directory,” in the bottom of the form.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in e-mailing jchewning@isp.edu.pa.


ISP Administration

Targets for Next Week (Our Goals):

These goals are based on the Common Core Standards, and have been written in 1st grade friendly language. The expectation is that each student will reach the following goals by the end of the unit.


As we continue to practice our independence through Daily 5, we expand our literacy through discussion of books and retelling the stories we read and write.

Oral Language/Listening Skills

I can speak in a complete sentence.

I can respectfully listen to others.

Word Study

I can identify letter names and sounds.

I can read and write high frequency words.


I can choose a good fit book.

I can retell a story.

I can stop and check for understanding.


I can recognize and write capital and lowercase letters.

I can capitalize dates and names of people.

Social Studies

We will begin our unit on society and identity this week.

I can identify rolls in a community and tell why they are important.

I can recognize that individual people are part of a group.

I can explain why people live in social groups.


We are continuing with everyday math, unit 2.

I can identify a penny, nickel, and dime and tell how much each is worth.

I can count groups of pennies and nickels.

Words, Words, Words Oh My!


These are the words your child will be learning in school this week. Any additional exposure to these words at home will help your child have a better understanding of their meaning. Students should be familiar with these words, but they are not for the spelling test.








is equal to










Social Studies




police officer


garbage collector





construction worker

Popcorn Words:

These words are called popcorn words because they “pop” up in our everyday reading, writing, and speaking. These are not spelling words, they are simply foundational to further learning. We will be sending home ten words a week and the level of difficulty will increase as the year progresses.











Spelling Words:











Coming Soon!

Here is a list of the new things that will be implemented in the next few months:

*Small Writing Groups

*Math enrichment Packet as a homework option

*Spelling City: An online computer account where your child can play games on the computer with their spelling words! This will be spelling homework instead of worksheets

*Personalized goals based on students MAP results

*MAP results

*Parent RenWeb where I will put the links to ALL my newsletters in case you want to look at old ones

Keep looking for the Coming Soon! portion to see what else will be implemented in your child's classroom in the following months!

Home Fun!

All week we have been learning about being healthy. We have watched 3 videos on brainpopjr this week. I am going to embed the link here. However, you need a password to get onto this site. Our school password is:

Username: ISP_Panama

Password: Dolphins

We watched the videos: Eating Right, Washing Your Hands, and Exercising.

Feel free to watch any of the other videos on the site under the heading Health. The kids love these videos and they always learn something from them.

Have a great weekend! As always, let me know if you need anything or have any questions. Feel free to contact me at: jrjordan@isp.edu.pa


Julie Jordan