Iranian Hostage Crisist


 November 4th 1979 an angry mob  of some  300to  500 thousand  people who called themselves  Imama Diciples  led  a siege in to an american Embacy  that  had  66 us   personals  and  and ten of them  were   highly recognised  Diplomats.In 1953 The  Cia  staged a  hidden operation known as Ajax which  unseated  a duty  of an  elected  prime minaster .Which  of course months later   the  replaced  leader   became  a  dictator   and   announced  his   taking  of  more US hostages .Ayatollah  Khomeini he  turned  against   the  american  government and  our govern ment  asked  what  are  his  demands  he  replied  that  they   do not  interfer  with  there  country 's troubles  or  affairs ever  again.The  US said  im  afraid  we  can not  do  that   .President  Jimmy  Carter  sent   in  men   that  were  instructed  to  rescue  the  hostages  eliminate all  that  opposses them.The  operation  was known  as  eagle  Claw .Unfortunately  they  failed   there mission  and   now  they   made  Iranian civilians  that  are  rebelious  hate us  even more.