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Coming from Emily S. and Vanessa S.

Airplane Crash

A plane comes down to a dramatic decent of 36,000 feet in the air. Passengers fear for their life, while a piolt try's to determine the best area to land safely.

Landing Process

We have determined three different landing spots for the plane to land; one is 560 feet from Des Moines, Iowa in Batesville, Indiana. Batesville, Indiana is a good landing spot because it is alongside a field and an interstate, but it is not the best option because it is a small area. We also determined Jackson, Michigan was a location 560 miles for Iowa we could land but decide that was the worst option because of a pound and house on two sides of the road. Finally we measured Toledo, Ohio to be the best landing spot 560 miles away from Des Moines, Iowa because the area was nothing but small fields and a large interstate. By choosing Toledo, Ohio we have decided the likely hood of survival increases because it is safer to land and a hospital is nearby for passengers to be transferred once help can get to them.

The Math

 The math results represented is the plane was 36,000 feet above Lincoln, Nebraska when both engines failed the plane decreased to 28,000 feet above Des Moines, Iowa. It traveled 160 miles at a steady decrease for every 8,000 miles the plane goes 160 more miles. The plane lands 720 miles away from the starting point of Lincoln, Nebraska. 720 miles is the point where the plane hits the ground we also used slope to make sure we used correct measurements. For slope M= -50,     y-36,000= -50(x-o), y-36,000= -50x, y= -50x+36,000.