the world of art, leisure and lifestyle - January 2014

The Christie’s auction was an unprecedented one on many levels but not one to get swept away with all the generated hype, we at The Wall do not see this event as a turn-around moment in the ill fortunes and poor performance of the Indian Art Market. Our editorial team puts forth a critical observation of Christie’s maiden Indian auction based on facts and figures from this year in Indian Art. India Art Fair 2014 will be closely watched to see whether the interest in Indian art has truly peaked.

Veteran artist Vivan Sundaram takes us through his compelling works from his recent exhibition, Postmortem: After Gagawaka, in this edition of Artistspeak.


We highlight the star of Christie's maiden Indian auction, V.S. Gaitonde's Untitled masterpiece that sold for a record setting Rs 23, 70, 25, 000.