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Issue #5 04/10/13

Show What You Know !

PSSA week .... these next few weeks the mantra throughout the school district is 'Show What You Know'. We see it on posters, in videos and it is heard throughout the hallways.

Tech in Ten is a way for us to show you what we know. We hope that what we show you in this publication can be used both in your classroom and your life outside of the classroom. Unlike the PSSAs our efforts are not graded. But every time we receive an email or a phone call saying 'Hey I used this in my classroom today" or "Thanks for the tip" we know we scored Advanced !

Don't forget to visit our Bits & Bytes website for lots more resources. Also, please remember to be careful with our netbooks and their carts. Official district procedures on this will be coming out shortly.

We'd like to wish everyone good luck on the PSSAs this week. We know how hard everyone has worked...just check out Glenside Elementary's PSSA Harlem Shake video below!

Glenside Rocks The Harlem Shake


Take A PSSA Break With These Fun Sites!

  1. Draw a Stickman: Draw a custom stickman and watch him come to life in this interactive stickman adventure.
  2. Build Your Wild Self: From New York Zoos. Find your human self then choose your favorite animal parts and go wild!
  3. Kids Puzzles: Online puzzles, mazes, word searches, jigsaws and much more!

Teacher Tech Spotlight

Over at Cedarbook Middle School, Mrs. Fishman's honors Spanish class has been showing what they know in a very cool way. Students used a site called GoAnimate which allows you to make animated videos quickly and easily. They mapped out a scene using two characters exchanging their best Spanish dialog.

Once the videos were completed, they shared their videos for all to see by embedding them in Señora Fishman's teacher site...and they look way cool! Click here to visit Abby's site and check out all the rest of the videos...and if you took Spanish in school, see if you can figure out what the characters are saying.

Great job Cedarbrook Spanish Students!

What's On Our iPad?

  1. Instashare: This is one of the best apps we've tried in a while. It works just like the video shows you. This will soon work for Windows and Android, but for now if you use IOS devices and have a MacBook, you will love this app. All you need is for your devices to be on the same wifi, click and drag your file, any file type, from your iPhone and wirelessly "drop" it onto your other IOS or OSX device and vice versa. Then save the file exactly where you want.
  2. Gooru Collections: Discover more than 3,000 collections of organized playlists of multimedia resources for every 5th-12th grade math and science topic. This app is part of Gooru Learning, a non-profit organization whose mission is to honor the human right to education. We will be profiling this group on the next issue.
  3. Snag Films: Enjoy more than 300 indie films from your iPad. has brought the best films from their online library to the iPad.

Google Docs Student Quick Start

We've been getting lots of requests for a simple document to help students get started using their Cheltenham Google Apps here it is!

Do You Know How To Use The Google Docs Research Tools?

Google Docs is continually improving. Research tools were recently added within the docs application so that you never need to leave your document. Just open the tools window, search your topic, add content from that window right into your document and you can even ask it to cite the source for you in the exact format you need. Take a look at the video below.
Using the Research Tool in Google Docs

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