Youth Estranged From Politicians

New study finds millennials disengaged from politicians.

Chloe Daley, 28, is interested in music and social media like many other millennials. "I don’t know too much about (politics), so I don’t talk about it,’’ says Daley, a public servant.

A new study has found that youth are being disengaged from politics for several reasons. One reason the article addresses of youths being separated from politics is their lack of interest in it. Many youth believe that they do not know much about politics and therefore they avoid it. When asked, 80-90% said they are interested in music, technology, social media and cinema, while only around 40% said they are interested in politics or religion. The article also emphasizes youth's feelings on how many of the times they are ignored by politicians. Current youth believe that their values should be better understood and it has been suggested that politician focus on high rates of youth unemployment. Another view the article highlights is how young believe that politician want to restrict and control them. Results from the study have shown that politics is one of the least desirable job by youths in Canada. Overall, today's youth are being separated from politics due to loss of interest and ignorance by politicians.