Astronmy Unit

Learn about moon faces, tides, ecslipeses amd more

Moon phases

There are 8 moon faces in the 28 to 30 day cycle. During this cycle the waxing (growing/bigger) crescent comes first followed by 1st quarter, waxing gibbous and full moon. Then the cycle goes opposite to the 1st half and we use the word waning (smaller/shrinking). Waning gibbous starts it off then 3rd Quarter, waning crescent and the new moon.
Learning About The Moon and Its Phases


There are 2 types of tides, high/low or Spring/ neap tides. High tides happen when the moon and the sun line up and both have a gravitational pull on the ways causing tide bulges or high tides. This happens when there is a full or new moon. Lower tides or neaps tide happen when the moon ad sun are not aligned and the gravitational pull is going against each other but since the moon is closer it has a bigger effect or pull on the waves. Semi-diurnal waves result in two very high spring tides and two low tides. Diurnal waves result in one high and one low tide.
How Do Tides Work?

Solar/Lunar Ecplises

Eclipse = An obstructing a source of light. Solar = sol which is sun in Italian Lunar = Luna which is a Greek root word for moon. So solar eclipse = sun light getting obstructed by the moon. Lunar eclipse = moon light getting obstructed my the earths shadow. The umbra is the darkest part of the earths shadow that is cast one the moon. The part of the shadow where there is some lights is called the penumbra. Lunar eclipses happen more often because the sun and moon hardly every orbit past each other at the part if the orbit that you can view from earth . Here are some videos about the solar and lunar eclipses and how they occur.
What's the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse?
What Is A Solar Eclipse?
What Is A Lunar Eclipse?


Why do we have season? Well since the earth is tilted on its axis the sun only will have contact with a certain hemisphere do to only one half of that hemisphere being tilted towards the sun. You see in the example below X and Y would be experiencing fall or spring because the sun heat energy is hitting the earth and the energy is going over the 2 points. If there was a T in the middle of the points x and y T would be experiencing summer because all the light or energy is hinting that point. If the points where on the other side of the earth barley getting any light energy they would be experiencing winter. But this really isn't a good picture because it doesn't show the 23.5 degree tilt of the earth.Revolution is the earth revolving in orbit, this is a yearly cycle. The earth spins in a full 360 circle in 24 hours this is called the rotation of the earth. Years are 365 days long and this is because it takes time for the earth to orbit the sun 365.4 days to be exact which we call a full year. For additional resources watch the videos below.
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Why Are There Seasons?