Dublin, Ireland

By: GianReo Mire

Why I Want To Go To Dublin

My dream vacation is Dublin, Ireland. I would like to go there because there are many beautiful artifacts there in Dublin, I would really like to go on a sight seeing tour. It is very common to go to Ireland and go on a tour when you are on vacation. It is very common because there are so many nature wonders in Ireland. Dublin just happens to have more than any other. When I do fly over there I want to go drive around and see the views and cities of the beautiful country of Ireland.

Cost of My Trip to Dublin

My bill for everything I want to do will be high; but at the end it would be worth it. I will be renting a Koenigsegg Agera R. I will be renting one of these because they are outlawed in the United States, it will cost $19150.25 for a week. I will be staying in the Westbury Hotel for 7 days 6 nights. The price per night will be around $340, therefore, it will cost $2380 for a whole week. The plane ticket will cost $1370. There will be 6 people in total going. The total cost for airfare will end up to be $6850. I will need to pack a lot for my trip, a lot. The total for my entire trip will end up to be $28,000. Plus food and extra merchandise, it will come out to about $30,000. My trip will be fun, but very expensive.
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Interesting Facts

1. Has Irish dances every Sunday

2. School Children have 5 months for summer

3. They have 4 days of school, Monday-Thursday

4. Water tours are one of the most popular tourist attractions

5. Has one of the best fishing spots

6. Many malls across the country

7. Have many different cultures

8. Have over 100 different types of food in every restaurant

9. Kids don't do anything

10. Moms have to clean the house while children hang out.


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