Virtual Summer Camps

Bringing Learning Home

Let Them Play and Learn

The right combination of learning can help close the cognitive and achievement gap, especially over the summer, but kids need to play, swim, run, jump, and sing. So let them. And bring learning home to them after camp in a virtual way. They will want and ask for screen time, and you can say yes because they can keep their brains sharp with virtual summer school. Reduce schlepping them to tutoring before or after camp and reduce costs. Instead make a commitment to DIY intervention with research-based products. The goal is to simply and still have solid learning outcomes and improvements.

If it is tough working with your own child/adolescent, then employ an older sibling, a babysitter, the other parent, a grandparent to sit and focus on the task at hand. It is still one-to-one interaction; and it might be at a better price point for your budget. Virtual Summer Camps are not babysitters; however, they are interactive, robust, and they need supervision because of the challenges presented that a student practices mastering.

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What's the Advantage of Summer Virtual Camps?

Most of us have budgets, time constraints, multiple children, job obligations, plus the normal to do lists within a day. When we have a child/adolescent who needs to close achievement and cognitive gaps, it taps into extra resources that might or might not be available. The Virtual Summer Camps option makes it a family affair.

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