Recruitment Needed!

Vasco Da Gamma

Recruitment needed

Looking for sailers! We will be sailing more than 10 months, approx 1497 - 1499. We will be going from Portugal to the southern tip of Africa and up to Calicut, India and back. We will be stopping at many african ports on the way. The sailors and I are going to India to establish trading routes to increase trade with India so we can acquire riches like spices and silk. There is a drawing of the route we will take below for you to look at. We will sail about 26,000 miles.
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About Me!

Hi, my name is Vasco Da Gamma I was born September 3, 1469 in Sines, Portugal. I have sailed many times before so this isn't my first time. I want the sailors and I to be the first Europeans to reach India by waters and to hopefully increase trade in the future.

São Gabriel

The São Gabriel is a flagship, it is my ship and the ship we will use to travel from Lisbon, Portugal to Calicut, India.