CMS Media Center News

Carmel Middle School

January 2016

Happy 2016! Despite the short month, December wrapped up 2015 with a bang in here. Check out what happened:

35 class visits to the Media Center computer lab

38 class visits to the Media Center to check out materials or work at tables

20 class visits to use the CMS Makerspace

2,102 passes issued for students to visit the Media Center during the day

3,467 books circulated

19 students eligible to vote for the YHBA winner in May! (2 new voters)

4 books given away in the "Cite It to Win It" contest!

Lunchtime Makers

Does your student talk about wanting to use the Makerspace in the Media Center? All students are eligible to sign up for Lunchtime Makers. Lunchtime Makers will receive a Fast Pass to jump to the front of the lunch line. Students eat their lunches in the cafe and then are dismissed to the Media Center to create, tinker, and innovate in the Makerspace. Eight students are allowed per lunch period, and lunches with a high number of interested students will simply be placed on a two-week rotation.

We will accept new Lunchtime Makers throughout 2016. Students will be expected to propose a long-term project to complete during their lunchtime sessions. The form is linked to the Student Links subpage of the Media Center website, or you can access it by clicking here. There are further instructions and even examples of projects on the Student Links page.

YHBA Contest

The Young Hoosier Book Award contest will continue through April. Students are encouraged to read the YHBA nominees throughout the school year and turn in "I Read It!" slips for the nominees they read. Students who read at least 5 of the are eligible to vote for the winner of this statewide award in May. To sweeten the deal, the team with the highest average number of YHBA nominees read at the end of the contest will win a party in May. For more details about the program, click here.

To see a list of this year's nominees, click here.