'The Red Planet'

Go and take a hike on Olympus Mons !

Reaching about 70,000 feet tall, 25 million years old, and an active volcano, This key attraction will not disappoint.This also takes 15-50 sols to climb all the way up.

Chartered Mars rover rides

Wander over the alien surface of Mars with a unique tour riding on the Mars rover!

Low-G martian arts

Travel to Phobos, a moon on mars for a low g sport that you have never heard of before. It's martian arts! Do flips or anything you can imagine in this low- g sport!

Face Time On Mars

Go visit the mysterious face on mars that you have heard about ! Since this planet is littered with strange faces, there are several locations

More fun facts about mars

>humans cannot live on mars because there is no oxygen.

>A day in mars is called a sol

>Mars currently undergoes violent dust storms that change its surface

>Because of Mars's weak gravity, the atmosphere is not held well