Baldwin County Board of Education Teachers and Students

What is iCurio?

iCurio is a web based resource that gives teachers and students access to standards-aligned digital resources and powerful tools for building and delivering instruction. Each digital resource has been compiled and approved by expert educators to ensure quality and relevancy to grade, subject, and learner.

Students can use iCurio as a safe search tool for research as well as save and share content.

Access to BrainPOP!

iCurio gives users access to BrainPop resources which is easily accessible from within iCurio. BrainPOP educational resources enhance lesson plans and provide enrichment activities for science, math, social studies, English language arts, technology, engineering, arts, music, health, reading, writing and English as a second language.

How do I access my iCurio account?

Teachers and students can click on the iCurio icon under "links" after logging into Clever. Username and password information can be found below.

Teachers -

username: email address

password: changeme, then self selected

Students -

username: firstname.lastnameXXXX (XXXX-2 digit birth month and 2 digit birth day)

password: lunch number

iCurio accounts can also be accessed by clicking on the following link

Contact your school iCurio support person or myself for new teacher/student accounts.

Instructional Support

Please contact me If you would like more information and Ideas on how to utilize iCurio in your classroom.