Life in the 1950's

By: Jessica Alexander

Television with Color

The television broadcasting stations upgraded from black and white television to color in the 1950's. This shows what life was like because of all of the upgrades that were going on. The new technology allowed for the color television instead of the black and white.

Flash Photography

Flash photography allowed for photos to be taken in the dark. The flash provided artificial light for the photos making them brighter. This helps represent life in the 1950's because it shows all of the new technology that was readily available to them.

Hair Curlers

In the 1950's women cared more about their hair, so they would curl it with curlers. This showed that times had changed and what the culture was like in the 1950's.

Tape Recorder

The tape recorder is an audio storage device that would record a persons voice and replay whatever that person said. This shows what the culture in the 1950's was like because it was a new type of technology that they hadn't seen.

Diet Sodas

The first diet sodas were invented in the 1950's. This showed that the people in that time period were getting what they wanted. If a person wanted something someone would invent it.

Optical Fibers

Optical fibers are a form of communication. Optical fiber transmitters are capable of sending up to 10 billion bits of information per second. This just shows how advanced the technology was getting in the 1950's. The 1950's were a time of new things.

Oral Contraceptive

The first oral contraceptive pill was invented in the 1950's. The pill are a common method of birth control all over the world. This just shows that in the 1950's if people wanted something they got it.

The Credit Card

The credit card is a plastic card that people would use to purchase their items instead of carrying around cash. The 1950's were all about making life easier for the people, and the credit card really did this.


Barcode is a code on an item that a scanner can read. Each item has a different barcode. It was originally used to identify railroad cars. This is just another form of new technology that came about in the 1950's.

Teflon Coated Pan

The Teflon coated pan man cooking easier. This is yet another example of how items were used to make people's lives easier in the 1950's.