From the Desk of Ms. Graham

January 4-Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am glad to be back with you all and I hope you had time refuel and refocus!

Our students will return on January 5. What an awesome opportunity to revisit your classroom expectations and procedures and start fresh. Yes, you can treat tomorrow like day one! Be sure to thoroughly review your procedures and expectations on this week, as this will be the only reset of the school year. Below are some effective classroom management tips.

Effective Classroom Managers:

Have procedures and expectations in place and their students are fully aware of them. They have fewer classroom interruptions as students are versed in what is expected of them.

Always greet students at the door and stop problems before they can escalate.

Complement students and build authentic relationships. They understand that students don’t learn from teachers they don’t believe care about them.

Are proactive instead of reactive. They have a plan A, B, C or even D.

Understand that behaviors have underlying causes. They are interested in the root cause of student misbehavior and seek to find solutions to help their students in lieu of punishment.

Promote positive environments in their classrooms. They prefer positive reinforcement.

Let’s all work to become effective classroom managers.

I have attached a copy of the new bus zones assignment to this newsletter. It is my hope that moving the zones will help with some of the hallway congestion. Be sure to check your name to see if your zone has changed. Everyone should be assigned to an afternoon bus zone. Please get with me on tomorrow if you have questions or if a bus or zone has been missed.

You might be excited to know that lesson plans for this year will not be due until Sunday, January 10. In addition plans will be due each Sunday (beginning January 10) at 12:00 midnight instead of 6:00 p.m.

The grade updating in INOW has been changed as well. Grades are due by Sunday at 12:00 midnight.

Finally, we are excited to have Mr. Derrick Jackson as the new TOSA for Williams Middle School. You might thank him for the changes made to the due dates on the grade posting and lesson plans. Mrs. Clegg will truly be missed.

Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.

-Rita Pierson

Let's be champions for the students of Williams Middle!!!

Dates to Remember:


January 6- Faculty Meeting @ Columbia High School

January 11- Report cards go home

January 15- Data Meeting

January 20-IB Meeting/Afterschool-Ms. Thompson

January 21-RTI Meeting/DURING PLANNING Mrs. Farmer

January 18- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday- No School

February 12- BUILT IN SNOW DAY- possibly no school

February 15- BUILT IN SNOW DAY- possibly no school