Techy Tuesday

Sharing a Little Bit of Tech to Terrific Teachers!

ELA + Social Studies = Knocking Out 2 Birds with 1 Stone!

Needing to spice up your Guided Reading with some Social Studies based articles? Try this iPad friendly web address out! Lots of topics gears for upper readers!

Fabulous Find of the Week!

Ever find a wonderful document online that is in PDF form but wish you could edit it?

Check out this web based program! Now you can take those late night discoveries and make them "semi homemade"!

Graphic Organizers Galore!

Need an iPad friendly graphic organizer? Just a simple click and you have access to about 50 different organizers! Have kids open in Adobe Readers and they can type and edit them over and over!

New Ways to use Pic Collage!

Need Help with your Macbook?

Sign Up for a Macbook Monday session! Bring your questions, bring your stresses, together we can use our brains!

Click the icon below to sign up for a stress free Macbook session OR a chat session to brainstorm FABULOUSY Techy Ideas you are working on and might want to collaborate on!

Do you have something you would love to share?

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