Mountains & Basins

By: Morgan Giauque

Mountain and Basins

The mountain and basins are a mix of mountainous and flat geographical features. The mountain and basins are found at the far western border. The Texas mountain and basins are made up of more than 150 mountains! The Mountains and Basins region covers more than 41,000 square miles and is the windiest and driest part of the state, receiving only eight inches of rain annually in the basins and deserts and about 20 inches per year in the mountains. Hot days and cool nights sum up to the area’s normal weather patterns. El Paso is the Mountains and Basins section’s most populous city, but the region also has other though much smaller cities.

The region also offers rodeos, such as the West of the Pecos Rodeo in Pecos , and cultural events, such as the Davis Mountains Events festival in Fort Davis.

El Paso offers many of the tourist attractions you would expect from a metropolitan area, such as movie theaters, a zoo and art galleries, and scenic drives are abundant.

Mountains and Basins

Mountains and Basins are not very arid but have high elevation. It is the only region that has a really high elevation.

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