Traditional but Modern Twist of the Bands

With the wedding bands, one can experience a traditional and modern look immediately once worn after the marriage. It is known facts that, accepting your love to marry you with a wedding band became a tradition. But this tradition was recently updated. In the past, these wedding bands were worn by the men. Those bands were very simple but at the same time made up of gold, silver or platinum and sometimes studded with diamonds.

When time evolved, proposing the loved one by wedding ring has become a modern tradition for the past few decades. As Fashion said to be always recycling concept, proposing with the wedding bands is becoming a fast trend in most of the places around the world.

The concept of wedding bands can be simply explained. Most men in the past have the nature of wearing a band which is very simple to look. Those men while proposing their loved one will propose with their bands. And the girl who is wearing that band is considered to be an engaged girl or women who is yet to be married. Those bands can be made up of gold, sterling silver, or with platinum according to the richness of the possessor. And in many cases, those bands are left plain but some of the precious ones are studded with very precious stones, or gems.

In many ways, these bands were evolved according to the age and time of fashion. These bands are worn as a daily wear by both the couples after the marriage. This is a symbolic representation of their marriage with each other. In many cases, now a day’s both wedding ring and band is worn by the bride after the marriage in the same ring finger as an everyday ornament or whenever in the time of any special occasion.

For both the men and the women, a very slight change in the style of the design is made but those bands will look alike. In most cases, the designers make these changes in the size and the design of the band.


These wedding bands can be in many different designs, and style, but the concept of wearing it is always the same. Many wore with the pride of their marriage or with the pride to be in marriage with their soul mate with the names engraved inside the band.

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