First Nation Plateau

by Aydan


The plateau first nation main source was salmon. They would dip nets in the water to catch fish. They also build weirs. Most of the fish was not eaten. So the Plateau people stored it in a under ground storage lined with bark.


The interior Salish (plateau first nations) dug a pit about 2 meters deep and built a roof. They built near a river because it provided clean water,fish and an accessible transport. They would also build tipis and lodges
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Social organisation

The Interior Salish did labor. Men did the hunting,trapping,fishing,making tools and warfare and the women cared for the baby's,washed the clothes, collecting berry's and making clothing. The men also did all the decisions.
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The Interior Salish wore mostly tunics and moccasins. But some get tattoos but its rare. and they wear capes for extra warmth. The people used beads to decorate a lot of their clothing. Most of the beads are mode out of soapstone. They also decorated their clothes with paint.
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Modes of Transportation

The Interior Salish used a dog sled team to get around faster. But if some people did not have enough dogs they used snowshoe. They built wooden dugout canoes called sturgeon nosed or ram shaped canoes. They where mainly made out of red ceder or cotton wood trees.
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Spiritual beliefs

All of the the nations believe in a god or creator. and all the people also learned to live in the wild with peace and harmony. The plateau people also thought that there were spirits in every living and non living things. they had the strongest bond with wolfs and deer.
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