Australian Sea Lion

.......By Tayja.......


Australian Sea Lions are beautiful, But fierce mammals. Male Australian Sea Lions are a grey type colour with a silver colour around the top of their head. Females are silver on the body and the top of their is a grey type colour.
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They use their tails and their flippers to move around on the sand. First, they put one flipper forward and then do the same with the other flipper and then all they have to now is move their tail forward and keep going i until they get where they want to go. When they move in the water they have to use their flippers and their tail to push themselves around in the water.


Australian Sea Lions are carnivors which means they only eat meat. They have very large canien teeth that they use for gripping their prey. They also have cutting teeth so they can slice their prey if they are too big to swallow. Australian Sea Lions eat a variety of different foods like squid, octopus, cuttlefish, fish, small sharks, rock lobsters and even birds. They use their large teeth to grab and kill their prey.


Australian Sea Lions live on the east coast of Australia. They normally live on beaches because they like to hang out in the sun. They also live on beaches because most of their food is in the sea like fish, squid snd octopus.They aren't the only ones you know.


During the breeding season, male Australian Sea Lions get really agressive and protective for the female and her pup. Females only have one pup during the breeding season ( january-june ). They protect and defend their young for only a year. Australian Sea Lion pups have a high chance of dying when their alone!

Interesting Facts

1. The Australian Sea Lions latin name is " Neophoca Cinerea ".

2. Australian Sea Lions have a body length between 1.3 and 2.5 m and they weigh between 60 and 300 kgs.

3. Their main predador is the Great White Shark.

4. Australian Sea Lions are also known as the " white-capped sea lion ".


I think Australian Sea Lions are awesome and very facinating creatures of Australia. They are also very cute and talented. Have you seen the seal show at Taronga Zoo? they are very talented and fun to watch.
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