Quail Call

August 23, 2022

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For New and Returning Families:

Back to School Night - Monday, August 29

Meet our new Executive Director, Sara Beggs for a brief information session. Then families will have the opportunity to explore the classrooms and meet their students' teachers. Please look for important forms and sign-up sheets in the classrooms and stop by the office to turn in supply donations or put money on your student(s) lunch account.

5:45-6:00 Introductions and Information - MPR

6:00-7:00 Meet your Teachers

First Day & School Hours

The first day of school is Tuesday, August 30. School begins at 8:25 and ends at 2:50 Mondays through Thursdays. We have early release on Fridays at 2:10. The school doors open at 8:10. If you wish to drop your student off before then, we offer Before School Care for a reasonable fee.

Busing, Driver Shortage & Parent Ride Day

If you plan to have your student ride the bus, contact Moscow School District bus garage at 208-882-3933 no later than August 23. Due to a shortage of bus drivers, MSD will not run the two in-town daily routes, Bus 112 and 115, at the start of the upcoming school year. Parents/Guardians of students who ride those routes will need to make other arrangements to get their students to and from school. MSD will reactivate those routes if and when additional drivers are hired. MSD buses will run on the morning of August 29, to give families a test run for kindergarten students and students grade 1-3 that are new to the district.

Pick up and Drop off

Remain in your cars and keep right, circling counterclockwise to the loading zone. Students will be helped out of or into your car by a staff member. Parking is prohibited in the parking lot. Parking is available on Southview Avenue and Nursery Street. Families will receive a colored card to be displayed on the car's rearview mirror. Come to Back to School Night and check future Quail Calls for more information about staggered pick up times.

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

FRLP applications are required for the 2022-2023 school year. If you think your student may qualify, please fill out the online form on our website at this link. The universal free meals waiver due to Covid-19 has expired. If you're unsure whether you qualify, please fill out the application, even if you do not plan to get school meals. Qualifying numbers determine whether and how much state and federal funding our school receives. This funding supports literacy programs, paraprofessionals, at risk student programs, special education and more. You can use a computer in the office to fill out this form if needed, or pick up a hard copy of the form at the school office.

Affordable Internet Program

The Federal Communications Commission has announced that 20 of the nation’s internet providers have committed to lowering costs for low-income households. The Affordable Connectivity Program lowers internet costs for eligible families by up to $30 a month through grant funding. See attached flyer for details.

School Supply Donation

To save families time, ensure all students have what they need, reduce waste and our carbon footprint, we purchase all student school supplies in bulk. To support this effort, we request a donation of $30-$50 per student from our families. Supply donations can be made at this link on our website or you can bring a check to the school office.

Before School Care

Before School Care is available for $50 per month and begins at 7:15 each morning. The registration form is available on the website at this link. BSC scholarships are available for eligible families. Contact the office for more information.

Immunizations and Birth Certificates

Please make sure you have turned in your child's birth certificate and immunization records to PPCS. Students need to be up to date on their immunizations. Seventh grade students need two new vaccines before starting class in the fall. If your child is exempt, please turn in a new exemption form each year. You can find the exemption here.

Backpack, Water Bottle & Lunch

Please send your child with a backpack and water bottle each day and lunch, if you choose not to order school lunches. School lunches cost $4.00 for students and $5.00 for adults. We order school lunches from the district by 9:00 a.m. If your student will be getting lunch regularly, please make a lunch payment by the start of the year and keep a positive balance on their account. You can make a deposit on lunch accounts on Back to School Night. Lunch account balance emails will be sent out every two weeks.

Playground Update

Progress on the playground has been delayed due to reasons beyond our control. Like so many industries experienced contractors and construction crews are in a situation where demand far exceeds supply. Design plans and funding are in place, so it just a matter of construction crew availability. What can we do in the meantime? While construction is paused, landscaping and maintenance is not. Families are encourage to help prep and care for the grounds, so please keep an eye out for weeding opportunities and other request from our landscaping committee.

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