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I have been assisting businesses with their marketing needs in NE Kansas for more than 20 years. During the 1990's, I was a sales rep in the yellow page industry. For the past 8+ years, my business, BackPack Publications, produced academic planners for college students at KU, KSU and MU. The BackPack Planners brought about a paradigm shift in the way students sought academic planners at these schools. Instead of students spending $8 to $15 for planners, they sought our FREE planners. The BackPack Planners contained all the academic information students needed, improved graphic design for note taking and were loaded with business information and money $aving coupons.

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It was becoming increasing clear that over the span of BackPack Publications, our advertising partners were experiencing a diminishing response in their marketing programs. That trend mirrored the increase in the adoption of smartphones. Many of our advertising partners had been with BackPack Publications for 6 - 7 - even 8 consecutive years. These businesses had given a trust to me as a steward of their advertising dollars. In good conscience, I found it to be impossible for me to erode that relationship by placing an unequal emphasis on BackPack Publications while abandoning my commitment to advertising results. It was time to find new solutions for the marketplace.

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While employed in the yellow page industry, I became aware of three facts that were critical to the dominance of that medium. Business Listing Data must: 1) Be Accurate 2) Be Inclusive (to the geographic area), and 3) Be Managed (active management of 1 & 2). This approach produced an authoritative, trusted resource that people relied upon.

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Locate Business Listing resources for a targeted, geographic area. Assemble those resources. One by one, qualify, eliminate and/or correct listings and information. This process includes calling, web searching and personally inspecting the accuracy of businesses in Lawrence.

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Develop a mobile application that will access our purified data base. This mobile app must facilitate simplicity and speed. It must also address the priorities and preferences as reported by mobile app users. Mobile privacy is crucial to smartphone users.

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Beemolo, is a mobile, local search app for users to find businesses and organizations in Lawrence, Douglas County and Southern Leavenworth County. Beemolo presents a complete and accurate snapshot of listing data and information. We believe people will gravitate to the best network when they are given choices between mobile search apps Also, our mobile platform allows businesses to communicate with users via the mobile channel. Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) are the most critical search data sought by consumers. These mobile searches are uniquely tied to the consumption of goods and services.
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