University of Oregon

''The one that whoops the Beavers constantly''

Basic Information

  • 1585 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97403
  • Department of psychology 18:1
  • Total cost for master's or doctoral:$122025 (t's probably going to be way more by the time i get in there).
  • Acceptance rate is 75% Enrolled 24,181 (2014)
  • Student/teacher ratio:

Requirements to get in:

- graduate from a standard or accredited school

- score at least 70% percent in...

  • 4 years of english

  • 3 years of science, social studies, and math

  • 2 years of a second language

  • submit official high school transcripts

  • submit SAT or ACT scores

  • submit an application essay about yourself

  • explain personal circumstances (optional)

A few fun things to do (but not all)

+explore outside of campus

+go to the coast

+hike spencer butte

+take a look at the museum of art


  • Get a masters degree in psychology
  • Not get in dept because of college
  • Get 3.8 GPA
  • Score 1240 combined in math and critical thinking SAT

Paying for the most over-priced thing a student could need (college)

Get a stamp o

Scholarships I could go for