Kaitlyn Thompson

"Owl and Mr. Fox"

One day, Owl was flying through the air, and spotted Mr. Fox down below. She swooped down and said, "What are you doing out here on this fine morning?"

Mr. Fox answered, "I am looking for more bugs to add to my collection."

"Oh, don't you already have enough?" asked Owl.

"No, I need more. Would you help me?" Mr. Fox asked innocently. Owl sighed and followed Mr. Fox.

"Where are you taking me now?" Owl asked suspiciously when he saw that they weren't heading to the usual place to find bugs.

"To get more animals to help me out, I need lots more bugs!" Mr. Fox screamed.

"You already have over 500, sir," Owl stated politely.

"That is not enough. I need more!" yelled Mr. Fox, and Owl hurriedly flew to the fox's den, where she freed all of the bugs from Mr. Fox's collection. When Mr. Fox returned home he realized that greed doesn't help you at all.

Moral: Greed doesn't help you at all