The Lorax

Once Upon A Tree

Help Us Help You Save The Truffula Trees Of Thneedville

once there was a man called the onceler who went to the forest in city of thneedville to chop down one truffla tree to make a thneed to show the people of his town that he could do something.

solar energy oooo the things you can with the sun

today we use solar energy to power our home from the sunlight we also use it to power other thing without using electricity but my company SKA thinks we can use for much more see we want to get help the onceler bring all of the trees and animals of the theneedville forest by using solar energy to use a natural source of power that never runs out

why should you chose us

I think you should chose our group ska because we want you to help us he'll you save the trees we want everyone tobe apart of the project we don't only want to help the onceler bring back the trees but people and animals who lived there before he chopped down all the trees.

biomass what can we do we this

Some of the things that you can do with biomas is crazy biomass is not only trees it is also dead animal remains and sometime old fuirt skin my group chose this source of energy because we have these thing in every day life all around we just don't know we also chose this because it is non- harmful to the earth