Life on the Goldfields

The Goldrush

The life in the Goldfields

The life on the Goldfields was very tough, scary, dangerous and most people who came to the goldfields were poor. The chances of finding gold was high in some places and low in others so if you went to the wrong place you were in big trouble.

Food, Water and Medical supplies

The food they ate was normally damper, numerous vegetables and fresh or old meat bought or caught. The water they drank would most likely be dirty and in need of purification. The medical supplies they could buy consisted of rags as bandages and patent medicines which either didn't work or they were poisonous.

Tools they used

They used tools such as pickaxes, shovels, axes, pans, cradle, puddling, chisel, hammer and windlass to collect gold in numerous amounts of gold in numerous places.

Techniques in mining

You could use mine shafts as a technique with the use of a windlass, pick, bucket, puddling, a mineshaft and a few friends.

You could use gold panning to find alluvial gold with the use of a gold pan.

If you were lucky you could use dredging to find gold using a dredge.

If you had enogh money you could do cradling which was placing sand/sediment into a cradle and shaking it.

Maybe you could use puddling to find gold by placing clay into a large container and then stir it with a paddle or some sort of stick.

Chinese on the Goldfields

The Chinese lived very hard working but efficient lives in the goldfields. Around 7000 Chinese people lived and most likely worked in Araluen gold fields in Southern NSW while the gold rush was on.

Women on the Goldfields

The women used to do all of the jobs like look after the kids or buy food and water or any other job while the men would get food as well as gold for the family. It was also harder for them to mine for gold.