Belle Maison

Nivi Mukherjee

French Provincial Architectural Style

This classic style of French architecture has roots in rural manor homes and chateau’s that were built in the middle of the 1600’s during the rule of Louis XIV. Formal and stately best describe the appearance as it is often seen with brick or stucco finish. The French Provincial house plan design was a popular style in America during the 1920’s and later in the 1960’s.

Characteristics of the Style

Modeled after country manors in the French provinces, these brick or stucco homes are stately and formal. They have steep hipped roofs and a square, symmetrical shape with windows balanced on each side of the entrance. The tall second story windows add to the sense of height.

Decorating Style

Like the extravagant exterior of a french provincial home, the interior is just as lavish. High ceilings, bold statement pieces and crisp fabrics are the key factors of this decorating style, yet there is still a homey element that makes this style so welcoming.

Color Scheme

The usual color scheme of this style is near neutrals and pastels. The soft colors have a unique quality that make the space seem open and expansive. This factor accentuates the extravagance of this style.
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