Birthday Time

Nicole Patrica Bursig-Solway's Birthday

Your Invited

Your invited to come to my fabulous 13th birthday party at Thorpe Park. My parents will also pay for you to come (Unless you have a Merlin Pass.)


Monday, Dec. 17th 2012 at 9am-2pm

Staines Rd

Chertsey, Surrey

People from Sussex will be getting a lift from my Mum, and her address is : 29 Undermill Rd, Upper Beeding (Please don't knock on the door, just wait out side.) People from London will be getting a lift from my Dad, and his address is : Flat number 1 Ashdean House, St Judes Rd, Englefield Green (Again, please just wait out side the door.) We will leave at about 9 am and get home at about 2 pm. We will have lunch at the park. Please may you bring a pack lunch with you.

For more info, please E-Mail me at :