A Christmas Carol

Stages of the story

Stave 1

Ebenezer Scrooge: cranky, hateful, greedy

Fred Scrooge: loving, patient, thoughtful

Bob Cratchit: quiet, pleading, yielding

Jacob Marley: warning, intense,tortured

Stave 2

The first ghost represents the past. Its neither a male or female and it flickers in and out while glowing. The ghost took him to the countryside where he was raised. He saw the school he went too and saw him self alone growing up through christmas. He then started crying after seeing all of these memories.

Stave 3

The second ghost was a majestic giant clad in a green rob. He was the ghost of the present. The spirit takes him to Bob cratchits house. They were preparing for a meal and that where scrooge finds out about Tinny Tim. He also takes him to his familys git together and they were talking about how mean and cranky he was.

Stave 4

The last ghost was a phantom in a black hooded robe. He takes them to the London stock exchange, where a group of business men discuss the death of a businessmen. Everyone one pawn off his stuff because no one wanted his stuff. Some people felt a little happy about him being dead.
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Stave 5

He then woke up and he was a new man. He was nicer to people and felt he had a lot of cheer. He went and had dinner with his family. The moral of the story is even though you might not like the holiday or you were raised a different way you should have respect for others feeling about it. You shouldn't be so selfish about stuff and spend more time with family instead of in grief.