Coding 4-5A

MP2 Week 10

Social Media Design

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Your Mission:

Due Sunday 1/24/16

  • If you attended Virtual Lessons, you know what to do!
  • If you did not attend Virtual Lessons, please watch the Virtual Lesson Recording of the week first!
  • Don't forget to add your Activity 2 to our class studio in Scratch! Remember to share it first!

*Activity 1 is only required for those who are new to the class or would like a refresher!

*Activity 2 is required and is what you post to our Scratch Class Studio called: Coding 4-5A: Social Media Design! Click here for a direct link to the studio:

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Click here: Social Media: Enter Code Above

Click the above link and then enter the club code to get started! You will then be given a username and password! Make sure you write it down!

See you in cyberspace!