Staff Update

Monday, November 10th - Friday, November 14th

Week at a Glance

Monday, November 10th

9:00 - 10:30: School Walk-Through

Tuesday, November 11th

  • There will be no bussing for students on Tuesday.

12:30 - 1:00: Pine IEP Check-in

1:00 - 1:30: Elm IEP Check-in

2:00 - 2:30: Oak Check-in

2:30 - 3:00: Maple Check-in

Wednesday, November 12th

  • Please send Brooke and Michelle first drafts of your reports by the end of Wednesday.

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM: David Frank and James Merriman from the New York City Charter School Center will be visiting and taking a tour.

1:15 - 5:15 PM: Grade Level Planning and PD

Thursday, November 13th

Friday, November 14th

This Week's Events

School Walk-Through

The leadership team will be conducting their first informal walk-through of the school on Monday. We will be visiting each classroom and making observations about the school as a whole. We will report our findings to you during PD on Wednesday, November 12th.

This Week's Grade Level Planning and PD

Here is the schedule for This Wednesday's grade level planning and professional development time:

1:15-1:45: Sharing noticings from the school walk-through

1:45-2:15: Brooke and Michelle share a few new expectations and guidelines for documentation of curriculum planning

2:15-4:15: Grade Level Planning: It is a Week "A" Schedule

4:15-5:15: Planning Effective Family Conferences: We will go over the scheduling of family conferences as well as expectations and tips for making family conferences informative and useful.

Continuation of 2 on 1 Meetings

Some 2 on 1 meetings are scheduled for this week. If you haven't had one yet, please look on your calendar to check what time you are scheduled. Some of the scheduled times might not be during your prep due to scheduling conflicts.

If you who missed your 2 on 1 this week and we have not yet rescheduled your appointment, we will reach out to you on Monday with a new time.



Thanks to all of you for getting a good start on your reports. Here are a few reminders surrounding report writing:

  • When you are ready for a batch of reports to be reviewed in Drive, please email Brooke and Michelle and let them know which ones are ready to read. They will give feedback as quickly as possible.
  • Reports should be sent to Michelle and Brooke for review by this Wednesday, November 12th at the latest.
  • Reports need to be finalized by Tuesday evening, November 18th. They will be printed out and put into envelopes on Wednesday, November 19th.
  • Reports will be given to parents when they come to attend their family conference.

Coaching Cycles to Begin

As we wrap up our 2 on 1 conferences with all of you, we will be beginning monthly clinical supervision cycles. Each of you will be observed individually and will have a planning meeting, observation, and follow-up meeting within every cycle. We will do clinical supervision on a three week rotating calendar that will be shared with you soon. Stay tuned for more information!