testimonial fallacy

by alyssa murillo skyler dakan destiny mooneyham dylan frum

My definition of a rhetorical fallacy: An incorrect argument in logic and rhetoric, lacks validity and soundness.

What is your fallacy: Testimonial

Definition: a statement or support in a particular truth, fact, or can be a claim

- free dictionary

Example: non expert testimonial

advertisement example; superman character used to advertise milk

website : Rapreport Sports

Purpose: It is trying to persuade you to get "bones of steel" by drinking milk.

Audience: Everyone, because they are trying to get everyone to drink milk.

Reasoning and evidence: Calcium helps you grow strong bones

Relevance of reasoning: No superman is relevant because he is not a real person

Soundness of reasoning: The reasoning are they showing a mythical and they are relating it to the calcium for strong bones