Noemy Perez

Be truly glad there is wonderful joy ahead. ~Peter 1:6

About Me

I, Noemy Perez, currently am a junior attending Huntsville High school class of 2015. I am 16 years old. I was born in Galveston, Texas on April 23, 1997. I have lived my whole life here in Huntsville, Texas with both my parents and three sisters. My family and I are catholics and are religious in our faith for Christ. I currently am a memeber at my church's choir at St. Joseph Catholic Church in New Waverly, Texas. I play flute and sing with my choir as we serve for God.

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My mom

This beautiful lady beside me is my biggest hero of them all. She's the most loyal, loving, caring, and the best friend i could ever have. She's always the one who's there for me. My mom's name is Maria Rocio Perez, she is 45 years old, and was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. She has spent about 18 years here in the United States always giving her best for us to have a great place to live at. She is my role model and always incourages me to do the best that I can do. I love her, and nobody coud ever replace a mother like her.

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My dad

My dad's name is Jose Juan Perez and he is 46 years old. And as you can tell by the picture he loves to ride horses. He's that kind of man who also loves animals and loves to work hard. He is a great dad. We aren't as close as my mom and I are, but he's still always the one who is there to protect me through everything. I love him so much as well, and I couldn't ask for greater parents.

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My favorite memory :D

My quinceanera is my favorite memory so far. It's amazing how it's a one time oppurtunity for young girls like me to have one in our hispanic culture. Being dressed up like a princess, having your picture taken everywhere, being center of attentin, having everyone look up to you at that moment for one day?! Heck yes! Who wouldn't enjoy that? It's a moment where I know I have to enjoy and appreciate for having a huge amazing great family that i can celebrate along with. It's truly an amazing unfogettable moment that I know I can talk about any day even when I'm old and rough.