Exceptional New Discovery!

By Gillie Tweddle

Donner's Bakery

It was a steamy Sunday afternoon when I went to pick up a loaf of bread at Donner's Bakery. I noticed that Charlie Gordon, who was usually working as a janitor, was now working the dough mixing machines. I asked a loyal customer of the bakery why all of a sudden their employee that was intellectually disabled is working the most complicated machines. She replied with "Well I heard he was a retard and now he has gotten smarter than most of the employees. They used to say somethings wrong with him, but now even more so," that's all she said before she walked away. I could see something was wrong with Charlie Gordon and decided to talk to him after the work day.

Meeting Charlie Gordon

"Charlie," I signaled for him to come "I heard your I.Q. has increased significantly in a short period of time, can you tell me how this is possible?" Charlie stopped to think about the question.

"Thank you, Professor Nemur says I'll get much smarter," there was a quick decrescendo after the mention of Professor Nemur.

"And who is Professor Nemur?" I inquired, at first he wouldn't answer, but I persuaded him.

"He is one of the people who helped me get more smart,"

"Well, how did he make you more intelligent?"

"I can't tell you," it went on in a similar fashion like a game of tennis, but I insisted he tell me. I eventually wore him down and the persistent chatter paid off, he spilled the beans. I was told he was given an operation by Dr. Struass and Professor Nemur at Beekman University, they told him to write down all of his experiences at the end of the day so that it would be easier to track his progress. When I asked him where these reports were he became protective and secretive. Finally I was able to convince him to trust me and was given some of the many progress reports after promising repeatedly to bring them back.

Progress Reports


Algernon was the mouse that they first tested the procedure on, he sometimes competed with Charlie back when he could barley solve a maze.

More on the story as it develops.