Margaret Fuller

A Refomer for The Women

Margaret Fuller - A Hero For The Ladies

Sarah Margaret Fuller, born on May 23, 1810, was a reformer in the Women's Rights Movement. She thought that all women should be treated better, instead of being treated like dirt. She realized that men were treating them like slaves, even after they had a convention about how slaves are equal to the slaveowners.

14 Years Old at The Start of School

When Margaret Fuller was 14, she attended her first school, which was the years 1824, to 1826. When she was around this age, her father, Timothy Fuller, had it arranged that she learned two languages, Greek and Latin. Her father had high expectations that his daughter would grow up to be a lawyer, and have a great reputation in the name of the law.

A Teacher For All

When Margaret Fuller was starting to become a teacher, she taught at the schools Bronson Alcott Temple School, and the Green Street School, in Providence, Rhode Island. After teaching, she decided to write poetry, and songs. Although some people thought her poems had a negative tone, many others liked her poems.

She did what???

When Margaret Fuller was a reformer, she accomplished her dream of getting women to be treated more like ladies rather than what men thought we were. Of course, today not all women are still treated fairly, but the percentage from then compared to now, has reduced greatly. 60% of women then were treated badly, compared to 23% now. I'm proud to say that I am a female.