CDW Weekly Wrap-Up

January 20, 2023

A Message from Ms. Santa

Teacher Professional Development

Education is always changing, and it is our job as educators to adapt to it. It is important for teachers to feel supported through professional development opportunities. On Monday, January 16th, the teachers at CDW worked on a variety of professional development opportunities that continue to keep us up-to-date on how our students can continue to succeed.

Both TBD and CDW staff members donated food for the Food/Supply Pantry in Old Tappan! Thank you to everyone who donated.

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Monday, January 23rd~ There will be a Board of Education meeting at 8:00 PM in the BOE Conference Room.

Thursday, January 26th~ Marking Period 2 ends.

Tuesday, January 31st~ Marking Period 2 Report Cards available in the Genesis Parent Portal at 12:00 PM

Monday, January 30th-Friday, February 9th~ Grade 8 Scheduling Conferences with NVOT


Thursday, February 9th~ PTO Casino Night

Monday, February 13th~ There will be a Board of Education meeting at 8:00 PM in the BOE Conference Room.

Monday, February 20th-Friday, February 24th~ School is closed for February Recess.

Monday, February 27th~ There will be a Board of Education meeting at 8:00 PM in the BOE Conference Room.


CDW Band and Choir Winter Concerts

The musicians of CDW put on two amazing concerts these past Wednesday and Thursday nights. Thank you to Mr. Rosolanko and Ms. Osbahr for your dedication to the CDW fine arts!

Assembly on Internet Safety

In addition to the Grade 8 students assembly, on the night of Tuesday, January 17th, the Detective/Sergeant Calaski from Bergen County's Prosecutor's Office presented important information to CDW parents about Internet Safety. If you could not attend, please see a snippet of information that Det./Sgt. Calaski shared that is helpful for all parents/guardians to know.

  • Communication with your child(ren) is key! Follow your child(ren) on the social media apps they use.
  • Your child(ren)'s social media accounts should be private, and you should go through the privacy settings with him/her.
  • Remind your child(ren) that their online life and their offline life should be the same.
  • Remind your child(ren) to never give anyone (even a friend) their password, or any other personal information.
  • If your child(ren) bring a "threat" to your attention, contact the police ASAP!

If your child(ren) is being cyberbullied, he/she should:

  • not respond
  • block the bully
  • set up new accounts and delete the current account
  • make a report (screenshots)
  • talk to an adult

How can your child help someone getting cyberbullied:

  • document what you see and when
  • don't encourage the bully behavior
  • don't participate to "fit in"
  • stand up for the victim
  • talk to an adult

Additional Resources Shared:

*The infographic below shows apps that parents/guardians should understand before allowing their child(ren) to download them.

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Assembly on Pathways to Addiction

Detective Brad Gilmore, from Bergen Prosecutor's Office, visited the Grade 7 students today to teach them about Pathways to Drug Addiction. Some important facts shared with the students were:

  • Gateway Drugs include alcohol and marijuana, and 80% of children who start using them by the age of 14 will try other drugs later in life.
  • Tik Tok increases a "lack of appreciation" among students, which causes depression. Depression can often lead to drug use.

Detective Gilmore also gave the students strategies on how to say, "NO" to drugs. He explained to the students how to make a plan to say, "NO!" Students can make excuses such as, "It's against my religion," "I have asthma so I can't," "My parents randomly drug test me," or just saying, "NO!" He also reviewed with the students that there are many people all around them each day that they can go to for help and guidance.

*Please be on the lookout for a future parent assembly that we hope to work out with Detective Gilmore's schedule.

Grade 8 Scheduling Conferences with NVOT

If you have not yet scheduled your child(ren)'s Scheduling Conference with NVOT, please see the information below that was emailed to you on January 3rd from Ms. Santa and Ms. Adamo.

During the day from January 30th through February 9th, guidance counselors from Northern Valley Regional High School, Old Tappan will join us in conducting individual conferences with parent(s)/guardian(s) and our eighth grade students. All eighth graders are required to attend a scheduling meeting, regardless of whether they will attend NVOT next year. These sessions allow parents/guardians, students, and counselors to discuss, plan, and schedule grade nine student programs. If your child has an IEP, Mrs. Flannery will contact you to schedule your child's conference.

Link to schedule your child’s high school conference:

Art: Grade 5

Students in Ms. Watter's Grade 5 Curriculum Extension class made Pixel Art by breaking up colors on graph paper. Then the students cut each square to size and pieced them together for the final product. So creative!

Math Lab: Grade 5

Students rolled dice and recorded their results in a chart to explore the difference between experimental and theoretical probability. Next week they will use our frequency tables to create a data display, and find the mean, median, mode, and range of the data.

CDW Brain Busters

The CDW Brain Busters team, represented by Christine Hong, Addison Hwang, Gloria Jung, Lana Khan, Taeyeon Liz Kwon, Sophie Lee, Maxwell Ling, and Marie Tenebruso participated in their fourth meet on Thursday, January 19th. Students answered trivia questions from a wide range of topics and competed in mixed groups with other students from Northern Valley Schools. Christine was a member of the winning team and Lana and Max were on the second place team. The next Bergen Brain Busters Meet will be at Norwood in February.
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CDW Debate Team

On Thursday January 19th, the CDW Debate Team participated in its second Novice Debate Tournament at NVOT with students from Tenafly, Northvale, Cresskill, Harrington Park, and Haworth. After extensive preparation, teammates Madeline Iacono and Neha Anoo presented cases for and against the United States federal government increasing its cooperation with NATO in the areas of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. Madeline and Neha placed first for the negative case that they presented. Their accomplishment is tremendous! Congratulations!

Ms. Fischer, the Debate Team advisor, assisted the students in preparing for the tournament.

Mr. L's Corner

Reminders and Updates from CDW's Student Manager

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CDW Intramurals Club

Mr. Fearon is currently working on the game of Badminton with the Grade 5-8 students in the Intramurals Club each Friday in the Rossi Gym. If your child(ren) is interested in participating in Intramurals Club, there is open enrollment. Your child(ren) can see Mr. Fearon for more information.

*All physicals must be up-to-date in the CDW Health Office in order for your child(ren) to participate. You can contact Mrs. McCarthy at for more information.

CDW Basketball

The girls' basketball team improved its record to 9-1 with a 44-8 win over Haworth on Tuesday. Lexi Caneudo led all scorers with 18 points. Maiumi Quiros scored 8. The dynamic duo of Alivia Badurina and Olivia Richards each chipped in 4.

The girls' basketball team improved its record to 10-1 with a 46-40 win over Northvale on Wednesday. Lexi Caneudo led the Lady Knights with 15 points. Christina D'Andrea scored 9, and Lyla Murphy chipped in 6.

In the third game of the week, the Lady Knights fell short to Closter. Lexi Caneudo led all scorers with 15 points. Alivia Badurina scored 7, and Lea Savino chipped in 5. They finished the regular season with a record of 10-2. Good Luck in the playoffs!


The boys' basketball team improved their record to 8 and 1 with a 67-46 win over Haworth on Tuesday. All 12 players scored led by Matt Kosmark with 10, Jake Totten 9, and Chace Totten with 8. Carmine Porcelli and Andreas Antonopolous chipped in with 7 each.

The boys' basketball team lost to Northvale 59-43 on Wednesday, but they played hard. Zach Miceli and Leo Etter led the team in scoring with 15 points each. Carmine Porcelli and Scott Houba chipped in 5 points each. Thanks to statisticians Baily West, Lindsey Massaro, and Sam Bilali.

The boys' basketball team lost to Closter on Thursday, ending their season with a 9-3 record. Zach Miceli had an outstanding game with 19 points and 14 rebounds. Maximos Demaras poured in 18 points. Leo Etter added 9, and Carmine Porcelli chipped in with 5. The boys are off to the playoffs!

Playoff Schedule for Girls' and Boys' Basketball

Girls' Basketball - Playoff Rank #2

Due to a scheduling conflict and a lack of basketball officials, our girls' basketball team will play their first-round playoff game at Harrington Park on Monday, January 23, @ 3:45 PM. Should you have any questions, please email Ms. Tabasco. The winner of this game will go on to play Northvale.

Boys' Basketball - Playoff Rank #3

Our boys' basketball team will play their first-round playoff game at Charles DeWolf Middle School on Wednesday, January 25, @ 3:45 PM. Should you have any questions, please email Mr. Westervelt. The winner of this game will go on to play Northvale.

TBD - Round Two

Coaches will contact parents regarding the day, time, and location of second-round games.

Championship Games

Monday, January 30 @ Northern Valley Old Tappan High School

Girls' Basketball @ 5:15 PM

Boys' Basketball @ 6:15 PM

PTO Fundraisers

Pasta Lunch: January 27th

Please join the PTO for a pasta lunch from Baviello's on Friday, January 27th. If you would like to purchase the lunch for $7.50, please visit the PTO Website. Each lunch will be served in individual containers.

There will be 3 sauce options:

  • Tomato
  • Pink
  • Butter

Lovable Labels Fundraiser

The CDW Lost and Found always has lots of items searching for owners! One way to help us locate the owner is by labeling your child's items with his/her name. The OT PTO is sponsoring a wonderful fundraiser where you can purchase labels to use to label your child(ren)'s items! Click here to purchase your Lovable Labels now!
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Spirit Wear!

The CDW Spirit Wear store is available on! The Long Term Store is open year round and orders are shipped directly to the purchaser. The Short Term Store will reopen in the spring.

Both stores offer different merchandise. Links are on or see below:

SHORT TERM: Charles DeWolf Middle School Old Tappan Spirit Wear 2022

LONG TERM: Charles DeWolf Middle School


Updated Old Tappan Traffic Ordinance- PLEASE READ!

The Borough of Old Tappan has amended Ordinance 242-17. The changes are noted below:

  • Left and right turns are prohibited onto Charles Place from Old Tappan Road between the hours of 7:30 AM-8:30 AM and 2:30 PM-3:30 PM on school days.

  • Left and right turns are prohibited onto Kay Street from Leonard Drive between the hours of 7:30 AM-8:30 AM and 2:30 PM-3:30 PM on school days.

Old Tappan Police Officers will be strictly enforcing the ordinance.

Important Reminders for Upcoming Delayed Openings

As we get deeper into the winter months, here is information about delayed openings at CDW.
  • Staff will be available for drop off to begin at 9:30 AM.
  • Homeroom begins at 10:00 AM.
  • After 10:00 AM, students need to enter through the front door for a tardy pass. Please drive around to the front to drop them off since the other doors will be closed.

Science Mid-Year Benchmark Assessment for Grade 7

Grade 7 students will take a Science Assessment on Tuesday, January 23rd during Periods 2-4. This assessment is administered throughout the Northern Valley schools, and it gives the teachers an overview of students' scientific understandings to-date. The results from this mid-year Science Assessment will be used to assist with placement decisions next year, when we course plan for our eighth graders going into NVOT.

Grades 7 and 8: Community Service Opportunity

Do you need community service hours? If so, Buddy Ball Basketball is back! The season opened on Sunday, January 8 at 12:15 PM and runs until 2:00 PM. Buddy Ball is played at the Dominican College Gym at the Hennessey Center and will run on the following Sundays: January 15th, 22nd, 29th, and February 5th. Students should see Mrs. DeSciora for more information.

Bergen County Stigma-Free Sticker Contest!

Bergen County Executive James J. Tedesco III, the Board of County Commissioners, and the Bergen County Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services invites all middle and high school students to enter the Stigma-Free Sticker Contest! The Grand Prize winner will receive a $150 gift card. Entries are due by March 6th. Please see the attached flyer for rules and details and see Ms. Watters for more information.
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Change of Contact Information in Genesis

Please email Mrs. Rosica-Kirchner with any new contact information. If your address has changed, please provide Ms. Rosica-Kirchner with a new Lease/Deed and 3 utility bills. The school will then change the address in the Genesis system. Any correspondence sent home from CDW will not forward so we do not want you to miss any future mailings!

Please contact Mrs. Rosica-Kirchner at if assistance is needed.

Dismissal Procedure Reminders

  • Please arrange a meeting area with your child(ren) so that you can locate them efficiently.
  • Please do not park and/or exit your vehicle regardless of your child(ren) being at TBD or CDW.
  • Please move your car up after the car in front of you exits Interschool Drive to keep the traffic flowing.
  • Please do not block designated emergency lanes that connect TBD and CDW.
  • Please use BOTH LANES on Interschool Drive for Pick-Up. A staff member will be available to cross your child(ren).

New Genesis Parent Portal Link

Genesis had to make some updates to the platform; therefore, their link has changed. Please use the following link moving forward to access the Genesis Parent Portal:

**Please note, the app we have for parents to access the Genesis Parent Portal on a mobile device is no longer supported by the Apple Store. If your app is no longer working, please log in using the link above. We are working to update our app so it is supported by the Apple Store; however, we do not have a projected date when this will be complete.

The Nex-Trex Plastic Film Recycling Program is Back!

We are collecting plastic film in the three containers outside of CDW. Once a month, from October through April, our CDW students in the Environmental Justice classes will retrieve the collection bags, weigh the contents, and track our collections. Our custodians will then bring our recycling to the collection center. In April, we will find out how our school ranked in the collection of recyclable plastic film. If we collect the most in our school size category, we could win another Trex bench for our outdoor classroom! Last year we collected 1,796 lbs of plastic!

Please see the flyer below for more information!


If your child is not going to attend school, please contact Mrs. McCarthy at 201-664-1475 ext. 2103 or

In an effort to minimize the potential spread of illness at school, please keep your child home if he/she:

  • has a fever. Students should be fever-free for 24 hours without medication prior to returning to school.
  • is nauseous or is vomiting.
  • has diarrhea.

Art Supplies Needed!

When you deliver the items to the main office, please label them with "Art Room." Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!
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Chromebook Insurance Information

If you would like to purchase insurance for your child(ren)'s school issued Chromebook, please refer to the information below, or you may purchase directly from
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National Junior Honor Society Information for Current 7th Grade Students

Membership in the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) at Charles DeWolf Middle School is open to any seventh grade student who meets all the membership requirements at the end of the third marking period in 2023.

During the week of April 24, 2023, eligible students will be identified and invited to apply

for admission to the NJHS by email. An email will also be sent to parents of eligible

students. The induction ceremony will be held during the week of May 15, 2023 (subject to


Old Tappan 2022-2023 School Year Calendar

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