The DiPete Beat

March 24, 2019

DiPietro Happenings...

There are so many things to be thankful for this week!

I want to thank the many parents and family members that took the time to attend our Literacy Night! It was a huge success and very well attended. Students were so proud to share their learning and growing across the school setting. The following morning, students had a chance to tour the school, "The DiPietro Museum" to see the hard work completed throughout our school.

I would like to thank Stephanie Jandrow and the PTO for raising the necessary funds for our Hydration Station. We now have a working filtered water station available to both students and staff. Through the efforts of the recent calendar fundraiser, we were able to reach our goal! Thank you Stephanie and the PTO for all your dedication and hard work. Thank you parents for donating to this great cause!

I would also like to thank those parents who filled out our Social/Emotional learning survey during the Literacy Night. We will be sending a link our later this week so those that were unable to get to this station, will now have an opportunity to fill this out. We really do value you feedback!

Here's what is happening next week at DiPietro Elementary!

March Happenings!

You did it! You helped with exceeding our goal during the Fun Run in January, and now as promised, you will be rewarded! On Monday, during the lunch block, each child will be able to tape me to the wall! With the help of volunteers and LOTS and LOTS of tape, each child will be called up to add a piece of tape. We hope to have fun and want to thank you again for your support!

Penny Wars Coming Soon!

Week of March 25-29th

Start collecting your spare change to feed our grade level collection jars that will be located in the cafeteria during the lunch blocks. Each penny counts as one point for your grade level. Each silver coin that is placed in the jars counts as a negative point for that grade. For example, if I am in grade two and put a dime in the grade three jar, grade three gets a deduction of ten points. Dollar bills will be allowed of Friday only and will count as 100 positive points for your grade. At the end of the week, all changes/points will be tallied and the grade with the most points will win an ICE CREAM party! Attention 3rd Graders : All money raised will go toward our grade three Memory Day. Please consider saving your spare change, it can make a big difference for our school!

Possible Jan Brett Visit!

Please consider going to our PTO Face Book Page to vote for a special visit from Jan Brett! We are 100 hundred votes behind and are facing off against another local school district. This would be a huge honor, as Jan Brett is a famous author who is beloved by our students. Please consider voting for DiPietro!

Wednesday- Bus Evacuation during morning arrival

Looking for a Volunteer- I am looking for someone to take the lead and assist with a DiPietro Parade Unit on Sunday May 19, 2019 @ 12:00 noon. We are also in need of a banner, due to our name change! If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

April Happenings!

2-5 MCAS ELA Testing for all Grade Three students. If you are unsure as to when your child will be tested, please contact your child's teacher.

3- PTO MEETING 7:00 p.m. DiPietro Library

4- Bingo for Books- Grades 2&3- BHS

9- Mixed Media Arts Program ends for this session

10- Kitchen Science ends for this session

11-Floor hockey ends for this session


23- Community Helpers- Fire Fighter Brad

24 &25- Crawl, Low and Under Smoke Program for Grades 1 &2

29- Walk to School

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!