Bulldog Bulletin

Parent/Student March Newsletter

School Administration

Mr. Brad Martz, Principal

Mrs. Katelyn Ebert, Assistant Principal

Ms. Shelley Bjorkstrand, Counselor

Ms. Diane Zajac, Social Worker

Mrs. Katie Lackowski, Secretary

Mrs. Susan Monicatti, Secretary

Student Drop Off

In an effort to keep our students safe, we have designated drop off areas both in front and behind the middle school. We ask that parents not park with their students in the staff parking area during morning drop off due to limited parking spaces. The only parking lot available for parent parking is in the front of the building by the gym. Thank you for your cooperation.


If you already ordered a yearbook please ignore this request. At this time we have 25 yearbooks left to sell. We are starting a waitlist for the remaining yearbooks. The only way to get on the waitlist is to click on the link below and pre pay to have your name on the waitlist. Students on the waitlist will receive their yearbooks based on the order yearbooks were ordered. Once all the yearbooks are distributed we will refund anyone who did not receive a yearbook.

Waitlist ordering link: http://jostensyearbooks.com/?REF=A03886120

8th Grade Parent Night

Tuesday, March 12th, 7pm

11091 32 Mile Road

Romeo, MI

Please plan to attend as we will be discussing several important items regarding your child(ren)'s freshman year at RHS. Included topics will be: ○ 9th Grade Academy; structure, staff, supports, etc. ○ Construction at (soon to be old) RHS; where in the building we will be next year, changes to bus loop, parent drop off, office location, etc. ○ Scheduling Process; What courses will be offered to freshmen and how they will request their classes.

RMS Wrestling Team

Our RMS Wrestling Team would like to extend a thank you to the Romeo Wrestling Club for their generous donation to help support our team. Here is the roster for our 2018-2019 school year:

Zak Antonelli

Ian Antonelli

Luke Bennett

Braedon Bishop

Alexander Cvetanovski

Jordan Dustman

Brent Dzieciolowski

Rocco Ferro

Austin Finley

Dominic Gojcaj

Wesley Hunt

Mitchell Kain

Nick Kusibab

Anthomy Lemire

Joe Lomakoski

Anthomy Lomakoski

Michael Lukowski

Brayden Mirjavadi

Luke Packan


Tyler Presselxx

Andrew Ramsey

Jackson Rice

Landon Santos

Ian Soto

Roman Tarnovsky

Jake Turley

Gavin Wardosky

Carson Wranosky

Owen Youngblood

Edgar Martinez-Rico

Miliano Jamil

Trevor Sieman

Wrestling Schedule

  • Tue 3/5/19
Powell Away 5:30@RHS
  • Thr 3/7/19
Anchor Bay South & Michigan Collegiate Home 3:30

  • Sat 3/9/19
Romeo Tourn. @RHS Home 9:00
  • Tue 3/12/19
Kennedy MS Away 4:30
  • Thr 3/15/18
Roseville & Utica Home 4:00

  • Sat 3/16/19
Chatterton Tourn. @ Fitzgerald Away 9:00
  • Tue 3/19/19
Anchor Bay North Away 3:30

Student of the Quarter

Each quarter teachers at RMS select students who demonstrate a good work ethic, leadership skills, and helpfulness to others. These are the students who were chosen for this quarter.

Madison Clor

Nominating Teacher: Ameel

Madison is attentive, completes all her assignments, cooperative, and well-mannered. I enjoy having Madison in class.

Student: Collin Nicevski

Nominating Teacher: Ameel

Collin is always a positive influence in class. He is a great role model for his team and classmates.

Student: Brock Rodger

Nominating Teacher: Ameel

Brock is a leader in our class. He is always coming into class with a positive attitude, helping others, and extends what he is learning in class with other classes.

Student: Amanda Kitchen

Nominating Teacher: Jones

Amanda is an amazingly hard worker. She went above and beyond in her reading goal, reading nearly 30 novels this semester. Also, she is a stellar athlete on the basketball court and always has a positive attitude.

Student: Aubrie McDonald

Nominating Teacher: Fugate

Aubrie is a great student with a wonderful work ethic. She is patient and kind. She helps others when needed.

Student:Sydney Rodriguez

Nominating Teacher: Busuttil

Sydney is a hard working young lady, who strives to do her best work and is a conscientious student. She works hard to stop on top of school work, and is a good friend to her peers. She is helpful, kind and compassionate with others.

Student: Samantha Smith

Nominating Teacher: Busuttil

Sam works extremely hard in and outside of class to do her best in school. She is always offering assistance to those who need it, and seeks out support when necessary. She’s a joy!

Student: Rosario Camacho

Nominating Teacher: Heikkila

Rosario comes to class ready to learn with a positive attitude. She takes the initiative to help other students when they’re struggling. She is truly an awesome student!

Student: Katherine Gilbert

Nominating Teacher: Clark

Katherine is kind, hard working, respectful and reliable. I am grateful to have her in my class; sometimes it is her calm presence that helps balance the classroom climate.

Student: Aubrey Rich

Nominating Teacher: Bickmann

Aubrey shows up everyday with a positive mindset and ready to learn. She is always willing to help her peers with their math. I’m so proud of the progress she has made this year, keep up the great work Aubrey!

Student: Jordan Dustman

Nominating Teacher: Salvatore

Caught Jordyn making a really responsible decision and it deserves recognition! He used his smarts and followed the rules above and beyond right before Christmas break. It is so important not to let anyone into our building at any time. Although I have never had Jordyn in class - he always says hello and smiles in the halls!

Student: Elena Nikolovski

Nominating Teacher: Salvatore

Elena deserves to be recognized because she took the initiative to prevent many from slipping on ice one morning. She stood in the cold, by a huge patch of ice and warned students walking in that direction.So sweet, kind and caring!

Student: Katie Morgan

Nominating Teacher:Angelotti

Katie is such a kind and positive person. I appreciate that every day she was one of the first to start putting away music stands and chairs to help set up our classroom.

Student: Claire Donovan

Nominating Teacher: Rastigue

Claire is an such an amazing girl! Claire has a great work ethic and comes prepared for class each day. She is always willing to help those around her and is a great role model to her peers.

Student:Gabriella Pogodzinski

Nominating Teacher: Tebeau

Gabby is an all-around awesome student. Her great attitude and willingness to help others are contagious amongst other students.

Student: Maxx Guinn

Nominating Teacher: Minor

Maxx is kind, personable and is always willing to help me and other students. He leads by example whether it be by his hard work, his classroom participation and how he treats others.

Student: Ashley Briggs

Nominating Teacher: Schommer

Ashley is an incredibly conscientious and caring student. She always has positive attitude and is eager to lend a helping hand to me or her classmates. Ashley actively engaged every day to grow and improve. I’m so proud of the progress she made over the semester!

Student: Jayden Pilgrim

Nominating Teacher: Schommer

Jayden came to class every day with a positive attitude and a willingness to take risks and make mistakes in order to grow and learn. He’s very kind and always makes everyone feel included and supported in our classroom. He is a wonderful person!

Student: Madelyn Raska

Nominating Teacher: Goddeeris

Maddy is always so cheerful and positive. She is willing to help others and remains patient and understanding. I am so glad that I get to see her twice a day!

Student: Matthew Stultz

Nominating Teacher: Orlando

Matthew always comes to class with a work hard and can do attitude. He is always kind and comes to class wearing a warm smile.

Student: Olivia Lynn

Nominating Teacher: Clark

Olivia demonstrates respect,hard work,persistence and kindness. She follows directions and includes peers in activities. I appreciate her each day!

Student: Hannah Liedke

Nominating Teacher: Roeser

Hannah not only stays on top of her work and does the best she can all the time, she has a great attitude and works well with anyone.

Student: Kim Fowler

Nominating Teacher: Bartlett

Kim has worked hard this year and it has paid off. She comes to class prepared and ready to work. She is a kind and respectful young lady. A pleasure to have in class!

Student: Lauren Wendt

Nominating Teacher: Wenz

Lauren is a fantastic student and a kind person. She is always prepared for class and participates every single day. Lauren’s willingness to work with any student shows a lot about her character. I am fortunate to have her in class.

Student: Claire McKay

Nominating Teacher: Salvatore

Caught Claire making a really responsible decision and it deserves recognition! She used her smarts and followed the rules above & beyond right before Christmas break. It is so important not to let anyone into our building at any time. She is also awesome to have in class!

Student: Caleb Cusmano

Nominating Teacher: Raicevich

Caleb is always ready to work and participates in class. He is always willing to help others and does it with a smile. He asks questions and pushes himself to learn more. Caleb is a positive role model for other students and is becoming a great leader.

Student: Grace Kinder

Nominating Teacher: Paulson

Grace’s last name says it all: She’s “kind”er than most! Grace always gives it her all! She’s sweet, hard-working, and never afraid to ask if she needs help. I’m so glad she’s in my 8th grade ELA.

Student: Zaria LaFave

Nominating Teacher: Bjorkstrand

Zaria always volunteers to help with all of the Student Council activities. Creative and motivating and definitely demonstrates leadership strengths that will serve her well throughout life.

Student: Brian Trelfa

Nominating Teacher: Bjorkstrand

Brian is willing to accept all challenges that are presented to him. His quiet nature helps him listen to others and get a sense of how to help. He communicates effectively and is always willing to help and promote Student Council Activities.

Student: Kenna Klakulak

Nominating Teacher: Kerschenheiter

Kenna is an exceptional student. She consistently offers well reasoned comments, exemplary work, and a positive attitude. When a student needs help she is ready to lend a helping hand. Her clas conduct is always impeccable as well.

Student: Josephine Jubelt

Nominating Teacher: Schultz

Every morning Josie greets me with a smile. Josie is a hard worker who tries her best. Even though she has some struggles she has a positive attitude, good work ethic, and powers through! Love having her in class and working with her.

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St. Baldrick's

This year, students will get to vote (via donation) on which crazy facial hair style Mr. Wenz will wear leading up to the St. Baldrick's event on March 23. Voting will take place during lunch periods on March 11-15. For more information, click here.

It's not too late to join the Bald Bulldogs, or to make a donation to our team. Use this link to join us or make a donation. Mr. Wenz would like to thank the Student Council for their help with this year's fundraiser!

RMS Track Information

Track season begins Friday, March 22! This is a great way to get involved, improve your speed and enjoy the spring weather. Sports physicals and concussion test must be on file in the office before students can attend. Athletic fee required and can be paid on Payschools.

  • All 7th and 8th graders are welcome to participate.
  • You will need a sports physical on file to participate.
  • The Google Classroom code is "mtf3ivg"
  • Transportation provided for all away meets.
  • We accommodate busy schedules and scheduling conflicts.
  • We welcome all ability levels and encourage both experienced and inexperienced athletes to join.

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Central Office

Mr. Todd Robinson, Superintendent
  • Ms. Jennifer McFarlane, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services
  • Mr. Don Gratton, Executive Director of Facilities & Quality Control
  • Ms. Vicki Laseke, Executive Director of Business Services
  • Mr. Mark Nelson, Executive Director of Technology
  • Board of Education

    Dr. Gus Demas, President

    Mr. Chris Young, Vice President

    Mrs. Jill Rilley, Secretary

  • Mrs. Kim Barrows, Treasurer
  • Mr. Michael Antoine, Trustee
  • Mrs. Anita Banach, Trustee
  • Mr. Wayne Conner II, Trustee