By Michael Grant


Sam - A 15 year old boy with the power to shoot a green laser out of his hands, is a leader but just wants to be left alone from other people problem, lives in the Fayz. He is Astrid's boyfriend

Astrid - A 15 year old girl, is very smart and very controlling, also lives in the Fayz. She is Sam's girlfriend

Caine - A 15 year old boy with the power to move things with his mind, brown hair, is a sociopath. Also lives in the Fayz. He is Sam's twin bother.

Drake/Brianna - A tall 15 year old boy with dark hair. His right arm is a tentacle like whip. He is a complete psychopath. Also lives in the Fayz. Also a 14 year old girl with dark hair and braces. She does not have the whip. These 2 are one person and their minds and bodies switch randomly. They both work for the Darkness of Gaiaphage.


The book takes place in a place called the Fayz ( Fallout Alley Youth Zone) in the year 2012. It includes Perdido Beach, California where most of the kids live. There is also a big dome around the area in a 20 miles radius. In side this dome, when it went up all people 15 and up vanished.


1. "Gone. No poof. No flash of light. No explosion." p.1

2." I'm just a kid." p. not know.

3."It's the Fayz" p. not know.


This book is part of the Gone series and is the last one in. In this one a thing called the Darkness is trying to rise out of the cave where it lives and talk over the Fayz. It also wants to try to escape the Fayz so it can reek havoc on the world. Sam and his group are working to stop him. But they also have to keep peace in the Fayz and keep all the kids fed. The dome starts to turn dark and the light is going away. External


In this book the group still left in the Fayz has split up in to 2 main groups. These 2 groups each have something that the other group needs. One group has water the other has fish. In the a mine near the center of the Fayz there lives a thing called the Darkness. Its only goal it to escape and destroy the outside world. Astrid had ran away from the 2 groups and was living on her own. She noticed that a part of the wall was turning black and it was softer meaning she could stab it with her knife and it would go through some. She went back to Sam's group and told him what she had found. They set up some box things to track the spreading of this "stain." Later as someone was working they just melted. Astrid and Sam later found a coyote with that person's head and other body parts and organs. Nobody knew what happened. Then Drake was told by the Darkness to get a girl named Diana. The Darkness needs her baby so it can have a body allowing it to take over the Fayz. Meanwhile one the outside of the dome most of the parents are still waiting for it to come down. One of them find out that the army is going to nuke the dome. She tries to stop it but its to late. Back inside the dome the black stain is rising and rising covering the sky and taking the light with it. Sam tries to talk a letter to Caine's group but this gets stopped and Astrid takes it upon herself to deliver the letter. But she ends up in the desert when the border goes all dark. Drake took Diana and she had her baby so the Darkness then took control of the baby and used it to leave the cave. The nuke went off and the entire dome went clear. All the kids and all the parents could see each other. End of Book.