King Ranch in TX

Early Ranchers Use The Open Range

Anglo American Ranchers moved from Southern United States into the Gulf Coast of Southeast Texas. Ranchers that moved here before the Civil War were accustomed to the open range. They also did not use Horses they use the skill they have with rope,and warn chaps,and sadles equiped with hornes.Mexacin Ranchers in the region thats South of the Nueces river they operated large Ranches even after the Texas Revolution and the war with mexico. even as cattle began to multiply anglo ranchersstill had to face some challinges. the major thing would be the market and theres theft and drought. most of the cattle were slaughterd becouse there hides and tallow could be shiped easily to the customers.

Trail Driving Opens The Cattle Market

there were several things that made trail driving profitable. cattle herds,neglected the civil war,roamed wild on the plains and multiplied. while the price of cattle was abought 4$ a head in the southeast,the people in the north as well as the east paid 30$ to abought 40$ a head. the railroads also helped the ranchers becouse it deliverd cattle a lot faster. the railroads also now sped to the westward side so they could sell cattle to them to.