Alzheimer's Disease Newsletter

By Maddy MacNeille

How Does Alzheimer's Disease Start?

Alzheimer's disease normally starts when someone gets dementia. A lot of times symptoms of dementia include forgetting where you placed something, how to get somewhere or even how to spell something. But, eventually when someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's the process will start getting worse.

Who is Most Commonly Affected By Alzheimer's Disease?

Many people that get Alzheimer’s is either part of the 80% of people with dementia or most likely over the age of 65. Although these are the most common people to get Alzheimer’s almost everybody can get it. Even children or young adults can receive Alzheimer's.

Charts on Dementia and Alzheimer's

What Are Some of the Ways Doctors Help Patients with Alzheimer's?

Since there is no cure for Alzheimer's just yet doctors set management goals for patients with this disease. This includes:

  • maintaining quality of life
  • maximizing function in daily activities
  • enhancing cognition, mood and behavior
  • creating a safe environment
  • promoting social engagement, as appropriate

Where in the World is Alzheimer's Most Common?

Alzheimer's is most common in North America. Countries like the U.S and Canada are both at the top of the list for ‘most people affected by Alzheimer's’. The U.S, in particular, is #2 on the list for ‘most people affected’ and Canada is #3 on the list. Finally, in the #1 slot is Finland.
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When Did Alzheimer's Disease Start?

In 1906, a woman died of unusual mental illnesses. Dr. Alois Alzheimer had noticed that the woman had symptoms of memory loss, language problems, and unpredictable behavior. After the Dr. Alzheimer noticed these symptoms the disease was officially named after him. This was the first time Alzheimer's was ever seen.

Why do people get Alzheimer's?

Scientist don't really know why people get Alzheimer's, but a lot of times the reason why people get Alzheimer’s is because their heredity, heritage and sometimes there age. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, Alzheimer’s was thought to have been caused by aluminum. Things like pots, pans, foil and other things used everyday were thought to be a big cause. But now, scientists have proven this theory wrong.

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