The Secret Life of Bees

Sue Monk Kidd, project By- Alyssa Pegues

Major conflict?

Lily who happens to not have a mother lives with her abusive father. As a small child accidentally killed her mother. Her only friend also known as her maid is arrested lily breaks her out of jail. Together they run away to a place lily suspects her mother once spent time.

Rising action?

The Boatwright sisters taker lily and her maid in. Lily struggles to understand the importance of mothers she has found in Tiburon.


There's multiple it kind of goes on and runs into multiple things. May commits suicide when she hears about Zach, August, and June. Also Zach Lily's sweetheart gets arrested.

Falling Action?

Lily finally tells her father the way she feels and August convinces him to let her stay in Turbine.
You may be confused as of what's been advertised but I challenge you to read the book so you can really know what happens to this poor little girl Lily including all her family and friends. So go buy your book today! See what really happens in depth...