May 2015 Team Recognition



A REGION in qualification, 4 NEW Area Managers and tons more! Take the momentum from GTC and keep running with it! It is magical! It's all about serving others and getting in front of people. Can you get in front of 40 faces THIS MONTH to share the Arbonne story (and make sure you are sharing both the business and the products when you talk to anyone and everyone!)?? This is YOUR month to have exponential growth because YOU helped others! Set your sights on where you want to be on July 1st!


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April Recognition--Effective May 1st!

District Managers in Qualification

Stacey Bataran in Brooke Georgion’s District

Michelle Boyer in Amy Foster’s District

Ashley Jackson in Amy Foster’s District

Shelley Scott in Amy Foster’s District

Laurie Botello in Christi Hansen’s District

Bridgett Eybs in Jacquelynn Pleis’s District

Rebecca Hasley in Jacquelynn Pleis’s District

Katie Hart in Jacquelynn Pleis’s District

Nancy Sammons in Jacquelynn Plies’s District

Kirsten Lara in Amy Hogsett’s District

Amy Lieberthal in Brook Baker’s District

Meghann Long in Sarah Tracy’s District

Bernadette England in Lindsay Hernandez’s District

Anne Felton in Melody Huisjen’s District

Denae Arnold in Melody Huisjen’s District

Liz Connolly in Chelsie Bruggeman’s District

Melissa Dalla in Chelsie Bruggeman’s District

Elysia Myers in Caitlin McConnell’s District

Pat Le Grand in Caitlin McConnell’s District

Laura Sena in Andy & Tracy Klein’s District

Lori Ganem in Andy and Tracy Klein’s District

Adie and Randy Barnet in Amanda Holtzclaw’s District

Naomi Martin in Rebecca Schoenfield’s District

Ashley Rondon in Kassandra Magin’s District

Grace Rupp in Bonnie Davis’s Districk

Kristen Medina in Casey Medina’s District

Kristen Gurian in Brooke Schmidt’s District

Stephanie Boda in Bonnie Davis’s District

Tiffany Rodriguez in Nicole Evans’s

Dena Lanford in Jane Lewis’s District

Christa Henley in Sara Owen’s District

Vickie Alexander inTrisha Pfeiffer's District,

Valerie Smith in Natalie Cannon's District,

Angela Dowdy in Natalie Cannon's District

Miriam Wright in Hilda Brooks’s District

Kendra Skemp in Natalie Cannon's District

**NEW District Managers (8% payraise)**

Barbara Jedlicki in Jacquelynn Pleis’s District

Kathleen Riskey in Bonnie Davis District

Stevie Heffington in Janie Lewis’s District

Ilaria Grupido in Brooke Georgion’s District (In her 1st month!)

Brentnie Kincaid in Chelsie Bruggeman’s District (In her 1st month!)

Area Managers in Qualification

Lindsay Hernandez in Brook Baker’s Area

Brooke Georgion in Megan’s Luna’s Area

Amy Dery in Stevie Chambers’s Area

**NEW Area Managers (6% payraise)*

Amy Foster in Elanna Tryon’s Area

Kassandra Magin in Mary Luna’s Area

Chelsie Bruggeman in Amanda Testa’s Area

Jane Lewis in Brooke Schmidt’s Area

Regional Vice Presidents in Qualification

Brooke Baker in Megan Luna's Region

1/2 Way to NATION!

Mary Luna in Kronbach Nation

Sara Owen in Kronbach Nation

Brooke Schmidt in Kronbach Nation


Caitlin McConnell in Kronbach Nation

Megan Luna in Kronbach Nation

DM Bonus Earners (Extra $200 on top of your paycheck--AND $400 for GTC goers!)

Jacquelynn Pleis

Brooke Georgion

Amy Foster

Brook Baker

Melody Huisjen

Lindsay Hernandez

Sarah Tracy

Chelsie Bruggeman

Andy & Tracy Klein

Mary Luna

Bonnie Davis

Jane Lewis

Amy Dery

Sara Owen

Natalie Cannon

AM Bonus Earners (Extra $400 on top of your paycheck!)

Brook Baker

Mary Luna

Brooke Schmidt

RVP Bonus Earners (Extra $600 on top of your paycheck!)

Megan Luna


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Top Sales and Sponsoring Achievements!

Top Region Sales ($):
Megan Luna $73,415

Top Region Sponsoring:

Megan Luna 69

Sara Owen 33

Top Area Sales ($):

Brook Baker $25,221

Mary Luna $24,373

Brooke Schmidt $22,739

Top Area Sponsoring:

Amanda Testa 28

Brook Baker 27

Brooke Schmidt 23

Jacquelynn Pleis 21

Top District Sales ($):

Chelsie Bruggeman $13,040

Jacquelynn Pleis $12,316

Brooke Georgion $11,186

Top District Sponsoring:

Chelsie Bruggeman 26!!!

Jacquelynn Pleis 18

Amy Foster 11

Jane Lewis 11


Area Manager Retreat

Saturday, June 20th at 9 AM at Jenny Kronbach's home in Parker. Open to all Area Managers and Area Managers in qualification! Details coming soon . . .
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Kronbach Successline Retreat

Save the date!

Friday, July 24th at 6 PM Discover Arbonne

Saturday, July 25th 8 AM-5 PM Training

Parting thoughts . . .

Here's a quote from one of my favorite books: "If I know nothing else for sure, I know that the big miracles we're waiting on are happening right in front of us, at every moment, with every breath. Open your eyes and heart and you'll begin to see them." What I Know For Sure--Oprah Winfrey. There are little miracles occurring all around you and every step that you take towards your goal is a step in the right direction and will lead you to where you want to be. I want to encourage you to do at least one thing every day that will get you closer to that goal! Let's go have another record breaking month!