Dolphin Weekly


Next Week...
  • 12/16 @ Flag Salute Dolphin Awards Winners announced TK-5 (Parents will be notified that their child will be earning an award, so they may attend flag salute if possible)
  • 12/17 ELAC meeting 3-4 Room 16
  • 12/19- Holiday Grams delivered to classrooms
  • 12/19- Last day before winter break, 1-8th students released at 1:30, TK-K release at 12:30
  • 12/20-1/7- Winter Break No School (Students return on 1/8/20)


  • 1/16/20 PTO Meeting Room 16 7PM
  • 1/20/20- No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • 1/28/20 @ 3:00 SSC Rm 16
  • 2/7/20-2/9/20 Clifford School Play- Legally Blonde Jr.
  • 2/17/20- Presidents' Holiday- No School
  • 2/24/20-2/28/20- 7th Grade Yosemite Trip!
  • 3/20/20- Lincoln's Day- No School
  • 3/27/20- Family Dance @ Clifford
  • 3/30-4/3 5th Grade Outdoor Education Trip
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Dolphin Awards and Criteria...

Parents will be notified by email by Friday 12/13.

Dates for nominated TK-5 students who will be awarded at flag salute are as follows:

December 16 , January 13, February 10, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 1

  • Dolphin Cares- Students earning this award show concern and/or sympathy for others, are sensitive to the needs of others, offers support & giving their time, talents, and resources to help others, talking positively about others, considering the needs of others, not just their own. They show understanding of others by treating them with compassion, generosity, and a forgiving spirit. These students exemplify the Core Value of Care!

  • Dolphin Respect—Students earning this award have demonstrated respect for self, others, learning environment and learning. They have good behavior, good attitude, and participate in class on a daily basis. Students earning this award are the most improved student. These students exemplify the Core Values of RESPECT

  • Dolphin Empathy - Students earning this award have demonstrated care and concern towards other Dolphins. They consistently reach out to others and help them feel cared for. These students exemplify the Core Value of EMPATHY!

  • Dolphin Eagerness—Students earning this award exhibit leadership among their peers, earn high grades in all content areas, and are considered a positive role model for their peers. These students are also asking for extra credit and go above and beyond when working on projects and/or special assignments. These students are never tardy between classes and are always ready to learn from bell to bell. These students exemplify the Core Value of being EAGER!

  • Dolphin Dreamer—Students earning this award are helpful to others, consistent with their work ethic, and are students who try hard in classes. These students set goals and are always looking to the future. These Dolphin Dreamers are not only creative, but they are resourceful and inspire others to think outside the box. The Dolphin Dreamer is gentle by nature and loyal. These students live above their background and don’t let hard times change their course. Even in adversity, they believe they will still be successful! These students exemplify the Core Value of DREAMER!

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Holiday Candy Grams

Clifford Student Council will be selling holiday candy grams during lunch and after school. Sales will be located in front of the cafeteria at lunch, on Mondays and Wednesdays and after school in front of the main office. Sales are from December 9-18th, delivery to the classrooms on 12/19. Cost for grams are: $1.50 for either a reindeer gram or Gift Sack.
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Parent Survey

I am considering the idea of providing some parent education nights in the future and would like to see what topics parents are interested in. Here is a survey to submit your responses, so that I may plan accordingly.
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Please share with potential new families about key dates and enrollment timelines!

Parents of students who will be new to RCSD next school year should take note of these key dates to enroll or fill out a School of Choice form for the 2020-21 school year! You can also download the printable timeline here.
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Project Cornerstone Book of the Month!

Woodson (Brown Girl Dreaming) imagines being “an only” in the classroom—what it’s like to be the only one with an accent (“No one understands the way words curl from your mouth”), the only one who stayed home during summer vacation (“What good is this/ when other students were flying/ and sailing”), the only one whose lunch box is filled with food “too strange or too unfamiliar for others to love as you do.” Without prescribing sympathy, Woodson’s poetic lines give power to each child’s experience. She describes the moment when the girl who didn’t go on vacation speaks her truth, her “voice stronger than it was a minute ago.” She has cared for her sister all summer, she tells her classmates, reading and telling stories: “Even though we were right on our block it was like/ we got to go EVERYWHERE.” And “all at once” in the seconds after sharing one’s story, something shifts, common ground is revealed, and “the world opens itself up a little wider/ to make some space for you.” López (Drum Dream Girl) paints the book’s array of children as students in the same classroom; patterns and colors on the children’s clothing and the growing things around them fill the spreads with life. Woodson’s gentle, lilting story and López’s artistry create a stirring portrait of the courage it takes to be oneself: “There will be times when you walk into a room and no one there is quite like you until the day you begin/ to share your stories.”
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Do you want to learn more about Sequoia's honors IB Program?

Sequoia Union School District is holding their annual "We Are IB" 8th Grade IB Info Meeting- one in English and a separate meeting in Spanish on January 14th.

  • English:
    • Is your 8th grader attending Sequoia High School next year? Do you want to learn more about Sequoia's honors IB Program? Please attend Sequoia's 8th Grade IB Info Meeting on January 14th from 6:00 pm at Sequoia High School in Carrington Hall. This meeting will be held in English. Thank you. See link:
  • Spanish:
    • Si su estudiante del octavo grado asistirá a Sequoia High School el próximo año ¿Quiere que sea exitoso en la preparatoria y que asista a la universidad? Para que su estudiante sea exitoso en la preparatoria y aprenda sobre el programa de honores de IB, por favor asista a la reunión del Octava Grado sobre Información del programa IB el martes,14 de enero 2020 en el Centro de Medios/ Biblioteca de la escuela Sequoia a las 6.00 pm. Esta reunión es muy importante para usted y será ofrecida en español. LOS ESPERAMOS


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